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IIM L Manfest 2012 Business Quiz Mitesh Agarwal

IIM L Manfest 2012 Business Quiz Mitesh Agarwal

1. Question regarding Seveso treaty : Hint chemical disaster led to the making of the treaty.
2. MovenPick icecream : origin of the name when the founder saw seagulls picking food in mid air
3.Allan Pearson and Fujita formed company in technology space: F5 networks
4. Connect Queen emblem , Zodiac watch logo and Zodiac garments founder : Ans- Zodiac
5. Intel Xeon and the Indian connection : Whitefield
6. Hutchison Whampoa and 3 : Connect question had “Why this kolaveri “ referring to the movie 3
7. “Innovators Dilemma “ TOC was given and asked to identify the Harward publication
8. Coffee dispenser inventor and instituted an award “Trieste Science Prize” for the innovation in technology : Illy Coffee
9. Agfa corporation, Deutsche Bank and Russian Tsars : Mendelssohn Family
10. Daily Me is a customized newspaper by MIT Lab : Tell the promoter
Ans : Nicolas Negroponte (OLPC)
11. French press company , commonly found in any 3-4-5 star hotels in India- Ans: Bodum
12. Astra Zeneca and the funding for nobel media and nobel web : hint controversy regarding 2008 Nobel medical
13. Which country was primarily responsible for the formation of Hong Kong ? Jardines Matheson ( Clue : Indian connection referring to Tatas)
14. Astalift is the brand promoted by which company and why ?
Ans: Fuji Film ( the anti oxidants from film production is used for skin preservation also)
15. Denmark-based sportswear company. Clue : Sponsors of South African cricket team = > Hummel
16. Question related to “Ogg format’s” history
17. Toy brand owned by Lesney Products. Clue : The brand was so named as the original die-cast __ toys were sold in boxes similar in style and size to that of another product Ans: Matchbox
18. Question related to the ubiquitous Uhaul real estate’s Orange line
19. Question related to Yakult yogurt : Clue- Kajol
20. Unit of currency used in Indian province: Clue Scrotum Ans: Goan Currency Escudo
21. Girl scout biscuit logo
22. Identify : Shocking Pink by Schiaparelli
23. Grauniad is a nickname of UK paper guardian. The domain grauniad.co.uk is registered to the paper and redirects to their website. What’s the significance
Ans: The Guardian’s reputation for frequent typographical errors, such as misspelling its own name as The Gaurdian
24. Soup bowl and duct tape are the solutions suggested for this problem faced by air travelers in the pre 9/11 era. After the terrorist attacks this has become impossible to do . What is it ? Ans: Smoking inside plane , bowl to close the smoke detector in the bathroom
25. Carbon credit logo
26. Ricordian rule in economics
27. Robert Mundell: father of Euro
28. The all-metal Stout 2-AT “Air Transport” trimotor plane : Ford motors
29. Nandlal Madhavlal Dhoot and connection to sugarcane and cotton industry.
30. Bibendum (Michelin) started as a lean figure and over the years became a fat one. Reason?

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