Tata Crucible Ranchi 2011 Finals questions

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For prelims questions, go here.

Round 1:
1.Ridge to valley , Nirbhay Bano
Whose books are they? Anna Hazare

2. Statements about a personality:
Shahnaz Hussain

3.Which term Benjamin Disraelli used in his book…?
Dark Horse

4. W recession . What is it?
Double dip recession

5 Movie maker produced 40 documentaries etc..  Identify.

6.Meaning of Auturkey
Self sufficient countries. No export import

Round 2:
1.Oryx FM radio channel:
Al Jazeera

2.Duo photo:
Saatchi and Saatchi

3.Stride shift chewing gum logo . What’s so special?
Changes flavour while chewing

ATM gold vending

5. Pencil sketch photo of house fetched huge in recent auction identify:
Adolf Hitler

6.Photo Indira Gandhi handing something to a Sikh person
Ist maruti launch

Tata Round

1. Indian One’s new name
Ginger hotels

2.Trak it software
Tata motors GPS tracking system of trucks

3. Tata chemical new salt;
Samundar se

4. Bonsai manager
R. Gopalakrishnan

Connect round.

1. photo
logo song

sequioa capital

2. Mike jatania photo
Wipro logo
photo of a model


3. Kapil Dev
Emran Hashmi song

Action shoes

4.Reagan letter
other3 clues cant remember


Final round;

1. History of a product
Rim Playbook
cracked in 3rd clue

2. History of a retail company
cracked in 2nd clue

3.History of an organization
cracked in 3rd clue


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