Tata Crucible Ranchi 2011 Questions – Prelims


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Tata Crucible Ranchi 2011 Questions – Prelims

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1. Which iconic store was opened on 14th December,1905 with active support from Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Manmohandas Ramji?

2. What was devised by Luis von Ahn, Manuel Blum, Nicholas J. Hopper, and John Langford (all from Carnegie Mellon University) that we invariably see on any e-commerce website today?

3. Which online yellow page website did VSS Mani, a chartered accountant, start in 1994?

4. Identify the logo. Flipkart

5. In 1907, a French chemist developed a formula called Aureole. This led to the establishment of which company?

6. Which firm has designed the new Hero Moto logo? (It had also designed the Tata logo.)

7. Which RCB player endorses Fastrack and Herbalife?

8. Identify. [Shibulal of Infosys]

9. Which management theory on cost control was first propounded in 1984 in a novel featuring Alex Rogo as the protagonist?

10. Which brand of battery does P & G sell?

11. Which airlines’ member lounge is called Maple Leaf?

12. For which apparel company did this legendary photographer create memorable advertisements?
Oliviero Toscani

13. What is the terminology for the acquisition of another company using a significant amount of borrowed money (bonds or loans) to meet the cost of acquisition?

14. Which brand name is derived from the combination of the German word for water (Wasser) and the Greek word for oil (elaion)?

15. Which IT company does Francisco D’Souza head?

16. Identify the TV channel from the logo. Geo TV of Pakistan

17. This company was founded by Henry Nook in 1772. Apart from inventing the ‘screw less lock’, this company later diversified into the manufacture of firearms and swords. How do we know this company today?

18. Which company made the ballot boxes for the first general election of India?

19. Who is 2nd in Time magazine’s 2011 list of Top Abusers of Power?

20. Identify the person (the surname will do). Gitanjali Kirloskar

Ranchi finals posted here


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