Brand Equity Quiz 2011- Kolkata Prelims

Brand Equity Quiz 2011- Kolkata Prelims

Courtesy: Rabi Sankar Saha

Winners: TCS-Kolkata

Teams on stage: ITC 2 teams, HSBC, MJunction, Rourkella Steel Plant & TCS

Q No. 1 to 25 contains 1 marks

1. Which Indian physicist wroked in the Presidency College as a Professor without taking
a salary for three Yrs?

J.C. Bose

2. FITB-Jean-Baptiste Say’s said ‘Supply creates its own……’


3. Globally which is the first brand to be advertised in Premium Vodka Segment?


4. Wht did Wafa Begum give to Ranjit Singh in exchange for her husband Shah Suja’s release from prison?


5. Amongst this who has been choosen the Honorary President of ‘Frank Sinatra’s International Fan Club’; choices given Mickey Mouse, Barbie & Pillsbury Doughboy

– Barbie

6. In 16th Century, Simon Steven of Belgium drew up first version of it which was called ‘Fair Statement’, what?

Balance Sheet

7. Which is the world’s most indebted country with $13.3 Trillion in debt; choices given USA, Pakistan & Somalia-


8. Inscribed in a yellow pape, this was been guarded by the security guards & kept in a volt in Louisville, Kentucky. Wht?

KFC Formula

9. Which Book of Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s tells the story of Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov who kills a pawnbroker for her money?

Crime & Punishment

10. In 2011, who paid $453,770 in Federal Tax to US Govt. wch’s one-fourth of its Annual Income?

-Brack Obama

11. Wch Indian ruler written rules on stones as messages to ban slave trading?-Ashoka

12. 10 Yrs ago due to security reason, PM’s Ambassador Car has been replaced by wch brand?

13. Which brand name comes from Fine & Flexibles?- Finolex

14. Wht’s amongst these Buiness Houses do 30 Million times in a day; choices givenPhotocoping, Poweroint Presentation & somethin else

– Powerpoint Presentation

15. Sanspareils Greenland made its debut in 1982 by roping whom as Brand Ambassador?
-Sunil Gavaskar

16. The busiest Airport in UK?


17. Whose birthday, the Int. Nurses Day get celebrated on May 12?

Florence Nitengle

18. What item from Banura, WB is the motif of the All India Handicraft Board?-Horse

19. Wht was the original colour of tag of the Levi’s 501?-Red

20. Which is the last Indian Co. to manufacture the typewriter?-Godrej

21. Dabur Logo

22. Sony Vaio Ad

23. CoCo Channel Pic

24. Hindi movie Song. Id the movie?-Guide

25. AB’s voiceover in a Social Awarness Campaign?- Pulse Polio

Q No. 26 to 30 contains 2 marks each fr evry Qs

26. Wht did John Barron kept as a four digit no. because it was easier for his wife to remember?

27. Wch brand of Bata is sold to the Brazilian company named Alpragatas?-Hawai

28. FITB-Peter Drucke’s Quote ‘in modern society there is no other leadership group but

29. What’s the award for Indian Shipping & Allied Maritime Industries?


30. Which brand in 1996 in Daily Mirror published in blue as Mktg. Ploy?



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