Tata Crucible Pune Corporate Quiz 2011

Pune Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2011

Courtesy: Samrat Mukherjee

External Winners: Samrat Mukherjee & Team- DCB Bank


Internal tata Track

Winners: Tata chemicals

2nd: Tata Motors
Teams on Stage-CTS, e-clerk, john deere, Amdocs, Pickleminds-Ravi Handa, DCB bank


1.”Garv Se Kaho Ki Hum Kanjoos Hain”- This is a quote by which famous businessman. Future Group
2.”Wear The Pants”- tagline of which brand. Dockers
3.Which famous businessman led the restoration of Statue of Liberty by the private sector in 1986 on request from Ronald Reagan. Lee Iacocca
4.The online game “Urban Thrill” is owned by which company. Reckitt Benkiser
5.Demi Moore spends around 36000 dollar per year on this particular product for grooming her hair.Which product. Evian
6.This famous chain of environment friendly cosmetic products collaborated on working for the safety of whales.Which company. Lush Bodyshop
7.Which famous fashion designer claims direct desendence from Scottish poet Robert Burns and opened his first store under the name The People’s Place. Tommy Hilfiger
8.Identify this personality. Amit Mitra

9.The MTV movie awards are designed after what? Grammy Awards Popcorn Awards
10.Which bank became the first bank to achieve 1 billion dollar in assests in 1919. CITIBANK
11.What is FILOFAX.
12.”Inside Magic Kingdom” is a book based on which company. Disney
13.This company was founded in 1953 in collaboration with Oerlikon Machine Tools Works, Buchrle & Co., Zurich. Aftab Rai was its first MD. Which company. HMT
14.This company which had about 40% market share in wireless handset market recently renamed its music and maps offering service to the name of the company. Nokia re-branded Ovi
15.The first colour TV in India was produced by which company. Videocon
16.Identify this famous strategic consulting guru. Ram Shriram

17.This company was founded by Alvin B Philps, a Motorola employee in 1970.It rapidly became a speciality semiconductor maker. Its first product in the market was WD1402A UART. Western Digital
18.What does NEO stand for in the Airbus A320 NEO planes which have been recenlty been in news for being ordered by Spicejet.
19.This is what the website of this corporate enitity says about its logo- New Engine Option
“As a corporate entity, our new logo reflects our new mission… smoother, seamless, and efficient, whichever way you look at it.” Which entity. BSE
20.Identify the logo. NABARD

21.Apple filed a patent infringement lawsuit on this company over a product for it being similar to its Ipad in design. Which product. Samsung Tab
22.What do you call a person who is a minority investor in a private equity fund or a venture capital fund. Limited Partner
23.This company had about 80% of the market share in gaming but its fortune dwindled once it came up with a game based on the movie E.T. Atari
24.FreshHome, Birds & Blooms and Best You are some of the magazines from which famous publishing house. Reader’s Digest
25.Which prime minister led the nationalization of banks in India in 1969. Indira Gandhi

Prelims questions via QBITMESRA

External Track-Finals

Round 1

  • 1) Special Drawing Rights
  • 2) Sunglasses concept US army
  • 3) Apron while operating patients
  • 4) 3rd hand smoke
  • 5) I-Mark in India, like G-Mark in Japan
  • 6) Schneider electric

Round 2

  • 1) EPFO logo
  • 2) Pic of Dupont
  • 3) Jitendra pic- 30+
  • 4) Shriram group cover- bankcruptcy
  • 5)Book cover..Killer co…Matt peacock- banning of Asbestos
  • 6) What’s common to baidu, youku.com

Tata Round

  • ION- Chief Artichect- Chandrasekharan
  • Tata chemicals- Africa tie up- Olam
  • Taj- hotel tie up


  • 1) Home brew computers, Apple
  • 2) Donear
  • 3) Hyosung
  • 4) BJN


Last round-3 clue

  • 1) Born in Kenya….Francis D Souza
  • 2) Tropicana


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