Mumbai Tata Crucible 2011 Corporate Quiz-Prelims


Mumbai Tata Crucible 2011 Corporate Quiz-Prelims

Winner: Rajiv Rai & Team- Deutsche bank

Tata Track: Aniruddha and Team

 1) F W Stevens – World heritage… and commerce

2) Torreal, Sholemay Ltd Trading… 3 brothers, London. 4 lettered brand

3) Sponsor of “Delivery Man Award’..MLB

4) Book ‘Grit, Guts and Gumption’ by Rajesh Chakraborty. About which PSU?

5) BOCTATOE- But Of Course There are Obvious Expectations…. Philostainment. Terms by whom?

6) Nike ‘SB’ …range for new Trend..for new area..indulgence/sport. Expand SB

7) Only Indian to feature in the eighties…BBC show… He is from the world of Tata

8) Visual- ‘Write Something’… Headquarter of which company?

9) ‘Digital Domain’… global filmmaker. Who?

10) Victorian Novel… Mr. Jarvis Lorry…a Clerk at Tellson’s bank in London. Which book?

11) Dec 31, 1970.. ‘Tonight Show;…Last cigarette commercial, which brand?

12) Bag with a ‘RF’ Logo

13) 1st book…series…Mysore based..Indian thought publication

14) Pumice, Chlorine.. Rifle Jeans

15) Locomotive- allegorical to Queen Elizabeth 1…Kitson Thompson & Hewitson for East India Railway

16) Book cover… “The ___________ way’

17) Type of wine…all the grapes froma specific year

 18) Hitchcock cameo… model for a newspaper ad.. 3 options given

Man who knew too much, Psycho, Lifeboat

 19) ‘The watch that made dollar famous” … Hint: Mahatma Gandhi

20) Pic – Pankaj Advani ‘Take the cue’

21)  More than 100 million missing…1990

22) Silver coin there in 1612..during EDO period… name this upscale area

23) Famous place ..Int’l financial centre .. ‘Fragrant harbour’

24) Copyrighted ‘Seal Team 6’..which company?

25) 1984…RS Kamath… Icecream..fruits