Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2011 – Prelims & Finals Ahmedabad

1.  Which is the most visited paid monument in the world? Answer: Eifel tower
2.    There were originally 4 old “Zaibatsu” in Japan three of them are Mitsui,Yasuda and Mitsubishi which was the fourth one? Answer: Sumitomo (options were given)
3.    Now glossy most sought after weekly magazine was first published in Lahore in year 1882 by Arorbans press which magazine? Answer: Mayapuri (options were given)
4.    Who is she:
Answer: Dr, Amrita Patel of GCMMF
5.     Which city’s name appeared in Citibank’s name when it was founded in 1812? Answer: Newyork
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