Brand Equity Quiz 2011 Mumbai Ad Agency Round – Prelims & Finals

Advertisement Agency Round

Winners: Savoir Faire

Questions – Prelims

1) 1704, Boston News Letter was 1st to carry an
Advertisement, obituary, Editorial

2) “Keeping skin amazing since 1870” which 8 lettered HUL brand?

3) Which lady of Gnadhi family once modelled for DCM towels

4) Joyce Hall lent his surname to which brand?

5) When you calll 1909, which service do you register for?

6) Foster beer is Australia, VB beer is?

7) Gray-Nicholls scoop 375. Which cricketer?

8) 1940s- because of an ad by which company…diamonds given as gifts

9) Mumbai marathon 2011. Sponsor?

10) Pic of Tarsem Singh

1) Advertisement  2) Vaseline  3) Maneka Gandhi  4) Hallmark  5) Do not disturb (DND) 6) Australia  7) Brian lara

8) De Beers  9) Standard Chartered 10) Pic of Tarsem Singh
Finals of Advt round- All qns on buzzer

1) Who headed India’s I&B Ministry, when the first radio ad was introduced?

2) Dot beat range of watches by?

3) “Har Subah bas Utho mat, ________ __

4) Hari Sadu…Naukri ad… I stands for

5) Chief Shoe Salesman

6) 1996 ad… British safety… “Appearences can be deceptive”…Johny condoms.. which

couple featured?

7) 1st edition of magazine ” an important message inside”

8) Which ad firm discovered karen Lunel?

9) Who has been the Official Time Keeper of Olympics for the most number of times?

10) As per a survey by ‘Unlimited database’, which word is the most used
Us, You or Your?

11) Shakti entrepreneur from?

12) Dorothy Sayers… Toucan ad

13) Alticor.. Network marketing company

14) Logo of Yash Raj Films

15) Dan Wieden Pic

16) Pic- Umpires- Who is the sponsor?

1) Indira Gandhi 2) Swatch 3) Jaago re 4) Idiot 5) Thomas Bata 6) Prince Charles & lady Diana 7) Mad magazine 8) Lintas
9) Omega ( Seiko has been twice) 10) You 11) HUL 12) Guiness 13) AMway 14) Logo of Yash Raj Films 15) Dan Wieden Pic
16) Emirates

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