Tata Crucible 2011 Delhi Quiz Finals – Corporate

Tata Crucible 2011 Delhi Quiz Finals – Corporate

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Courtesy: Subhodeep Jash & Samrat Mukherjee

Winner: Rohan Khanna & Anish Raju (Accenture)
External Track Finals
Round 1
1) The Government of this country came up with a ‘Supercool’ campaign which involved wearing Hawaiian shirts, t-shirts and saving electricity. Which country and why?

Japan (After effect of the nuclear disaster- not sufficient energy to run the nuclear plants)

2) In 1974, Jude Wanniski- Associated Editor, WSJ had dinner with a Professor Emeritus of University of Chicago, along with Donald Rumsfeld & Dick Cheney. The professor illustrated a concept on a napkin which was named after the prof. The dinner was meant to discuss certain taxation formulae. What was the concept which came out?

Laffer Curve after Arthur Laffer

3) This effect has been seen in India over last couple of years. A psychological tool, it is called ‘Barnum Effect’ after B.T. Barnum

Tending to overrate HR profiling characteristics in companies

4) Original composition: Flour, Water, Salt, Boric Acid, Silicone Oil. Created in 1930 at Cincinnati. Its original use was for wallpaper cleaning. Later a new method was marketed.


5) In 18th century, common practice was to make paintings on rectangular pieces of wood. Tool was used on paintings to create something. Tool lends it name to a popular culture.

‘Jigsaw’ Puzzle

6) Kayem Pharma in Borivali is in the news for a shipment. 500 gms. Consignment to US. Who is the entity and what is being purchased?

Lethal Injection Drugs for Executions in the U.S.

Round 2 (Visuals)
1) Ad entitled ‘Little Brown Bag’ & ‘Medium Brown Bag’
Bloomingdales environment-friendly and water proof shopping bags
2) Pic of London Taxis. Who in India is offering these attractions?
Panchsheel Realty- which owns Marriott in Pune

3) A Glass of Water- Lower your Consumption. Print Ad from the World of Apps
App for optimum fuel utilization in cars for driving at apt speed. (Toyota)

4) Mosquito Net. Water Filter. Solar Panel. Tablet PC. Built in Furniture & Solar Cooker.
Eco-friendly homes for construction workers

5) Cadbury Dairy Milk Bliss controversial ad- ‘Move over.. There’s a new diva in town’. Who’s the diva?
Naomi Campbell

6) ‘Fluensee’ from the world of innovations.
RFID tag towels in hotels

Round 3 (TATA)
1) Jiva in TAJ

2) Insta Compute is a service introduced by Tata Communications
Cloud Computing

3) Vinod Kumar is the Addl. Sports officer of NDPL. He is the Chief coach in which discipline for India’s contingent to the 2012 London Olympics?
Freestyle wrestling

4) Tata Motors- LPTA 404 model- armored vehicle used to transport who or what?
To Transport prisoners

Round 4 (Lateral Connect)
1) PCJ, Philite, Polygram, Atos Origin, ‘Desi Girl’ song

2) Emma Watson, Titanic song, Castle pic, Logo

3) Lavazza, Sterling Computers-Amritraj pic, Win Win D
C Sivasankaran

4) Kobe Bryant, ManU song, TAV, Logo
Turkish Airlines

Round 5 (Three Clues)
1) (A) Native of Venice, moved to Paris, designed for Christian Dior. Extreme of fashion licensing from crockery, strollers to toilets.

Pierre Cardin

2) (A.) Established in 1939 by Late Mr. Vishva Nath
(B.) Grihshokla, Women’s Era, Saras Salil and Champak are its publications

Delhi Press

3) (A.) Mumbai based organization. Its cricket team included Gavaskar, Sandeep Patil, Karsan Ghavri. Tyre, cords, polyester yarn are some of its products.

Nirlon House
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