Business Quiz conducted on Twitter- @Kweezzz

 Business Quiz conducted on Twitter- @Kweezzz – Oct 16, 2011

1) Identify this brand endorser

2) Once, Bill Gates got to know about Job’s comment on being a Windows developer (iTunes for Windows) – “It’s like giving a glass of ice

water to someone in Hell.”  What did Jobs do to cool down Gates?

3) Identify this person/company. – Recent news for wrong reasons.

4) Evangelical Christians in Brazil felt that this symbol was connected to Satan and banned it sometime in 2010. What did they ban?

5) Identify these gentlemen from the financial world.

6) Identify the advertiser. No, not Surf. 😀

7) What’s this? And to whom was it sold?

8) What happened to a certain John Davis who responded to this ad?

9) Identify this PSU.

10) Barthelemy Thimmonier was one of the first successful developers of sewing machines. He was working on a major order using his machines and workers felt threat to their livelihoods. They attacked his factory. Who was Barthelemy’s client?


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Ans1: Fauja Singh

Ans2: Gave him a glass of water

Ans3: Burrup Fertilizers & Pankaj Oswal | Accused of one of Australia’s biggest corporate frauds for siphoning an additional 113 million dollars out of his Burrup Fertilisers

Ans4: USB

Ans5: Henry Varnum Poor & Luther Lee Blake | Org: Standard & Poor’s

Ans6: Persil

Ans7: Henry Woodward’s bulb – sold to Edison

Ans8: Nothing happened. This was an April fool prank.

Ans9: Hutti Mines

Ans10: French Army (Uniforms)

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