Wildcraft TBQ Infinite Loop #3 – Answers and List of winners

Here are the answers and the list of winners for Wildcraft TBQ Infinite Loop Quiz #3

  1. Ammar 404 is the nickname Tunisian internet surfers use for the authority responsible for Internet censorship
  2. Saudi billionaire Prince Walid bin Talal and his Kingdom Holding Company
  3. Ambattur Clothing Limited
  4. Global Water Industry
  5. Motilal Oswal
  6. Ashok Leyland
  7. UPS
  8. Todi family
  9. Tranche
  10. Swarovski
The three winners who will receive prizes from Wildcraft worth Rs. 2000, Rs.1000 and Rs 500 are:
  1. Kalyani – Bangalore
  2. Saahil Sharma – TCS Chennai
  3. Vandana Sharma – Bhilai Sri Sankara Vidyalaya, Bhilai
Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for participating.
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