Quiz on the Beach QOTB 2012 Giri Pickbrain – TAPMI

Round 1

1) Connect Giriraja, Kalinga Brown, Grama Laxmi, Grama Priya and Vanaraja
2) Started in Netherland, 1436. Termed as a painless form of taxation. Elizabeth 1 used it in 1556. It was used to raise money for public good. What?
3) Missionary Church in Sweden- Kopimism. What is unique about them?
4) Niveo Symbolo in Jalndhar. What first in India?
5) US department of energy… restricted the sale of this luxury item… 9.5 litres of water/min
6) Company named ‘Celestis’ is the biggest in this business. Provides service to us human beings. What?
7) Chewed in African culture, led to stained teeth. It was used to treat cough, asthma. Broncho dilator. Which company’s name is derived from this?
8) In US it is legally allowed to sell only 5 times a year. It is said that the banks charge only the processing fee. But actually it is worth over 100 thousand of business. What?

1) All brands of Chicken
2) Lottery
3) Advocates Copyig/Piracy
4) 1st International football maker
5) Shower
6) Burial in space/distribute ashes in space
7) Coca cola | Kola Nut
8) Sale of Blood

Round 2

1) This country launched the Postal stamp of migration of the first Indian labour around 150 years ago. …Ship S S Truro
2) Memebrs of Laclef. Known as holders of the golden keys. Who?
3) Venge- Carbon fibre- racing cycle. Which F1 team is behind it?
4) Whose quote ‘But sometimes I think it’s just like an on-off switch. Click and you’re gone. And that’s why I don’t like putting on-off switches.’

1) South Africa
2) Concierge service
3) McLaren
4) Steve Jobs

Round 3

1) Pic of Brownie Mae Humphrey. First woman to appear in the Business week cover. What’s her claim to fame

2) Logo-PrimeMinister of this nation himself has expressed a great deal of interst in this

3) Pic of a person- Thomas____________ & a diamond. Connect

4) Pic- great gambler

5) Logo
6) Swiss Franc features Palace of Justice India. Dedicated to whom?
7) Pic…BahnHof owns it… stored at this secret location.What?

8) Pic-

1) Tupperware parties
2) National Skill Development council
3) Cullinan diamond named after Thomas Cullinan
4) Steve Wynn
5) Census
6) Le Corbusier
7) Wikileaks server
8) Walt disney

Audience qns
1) Who are Sexocrats?
Ans Presentable buraucrats

Round 4
Arthur Wayne- Ans: Crosswords
Nano’s 1st International market- SriLanka
Raghuram Rajan- FaultLines

1) Ingka holdings – Ikea
2) In the guiness book of records as ‘the biggest family ownded chain’ Which Indian brand? Country Club
3) Cher Wang- HTC
4) Levi’s Citizen- Denizen
5) 204/20 6th Avenue, New York…1858- 5 lettered – Macy’s
6) Thomas Stemberg- Staples
7) From greek for inspiration and knowledge. Which 4 lettered brand? Asus

Round 5


1) H&A store logo, Weetbix, backyard Cricket, Travelex…song from Six and out

Ans: Bret Lee | H&A store owned by Alok Industries. Brett Lee brand ambassador

2) Tata Logo, London Olympics 2012 logo, AOL, song Hero- hum mein hai Hero
Ans: Wolf Ollins

3) Calrence Hotel, RED, Elevation Partner
Ans: Bono

4) White diamonds, passion, Violet eyes, flintstone
Ans: Elizabeth Taylor

Round 6

1) Hut Tax, University of Oxford
Ans: Cecil Rhodes

2) Yes madam Sir, Navjyoti, Ramon Megsasay award
Ans: Kiran Bedi

3) University of Chicago, Logo of Standard Oil and some quotr
Ans: John D Rockefeller

4) Midas Touch, Tyson, Apprentice
Ans: Donald Trump

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