Business Quiz Questions posted on TBQ FB Page

Few of the questions posted on TBQ’s Facebook Page

1) Freakonomics author Steven Levitt has compared the role of the marketer to the _________.
As per him it is the job of both the __________ and marketers to “make people think about things in the right way.” He believes marketers could be successful where the _______ failed, by winning people’s hearts. Fill in the blanks with a 7-lettered entity.

2) They were planning to call it Molalla, after a small town outside of Portland,Ore. But the company’s strategic planner Russ Hampsten, thought it was difficult to pronounce. After struggling to find a suitable or available name in Oregon, where much of the design team is based, he chanced upon this town in his ZIP code database.

The town’s claim to fame is the US’s smallest jail. Why is this town in the news?

3) Project approval has been granted by the city council in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Fuel Industries (Ottawa-based multimedia and marketing firm) will excavate the site for a documentary it’s filming.

It is the 30 year anniversary of the assumed September 1983 burial. What are we talking about?

4) The project has been dubbed “City Churned,” and will track the habits of city dwellers in New York, Washington, San Francisco, Seattle and Portland, Ore., and solicit votes on the item in question which is to be sold in those cities. What are we talking about?

5) This is located in Half Moon Bay in Northern California and was discovered in the 60s by Alex Matienzo, Jim Thompson, and Dick Knottmeyer, who after months of watching the massive waves break more than 1/4 of a mile off shore, decided to venture out.

They brought out their roommate’s dog, named ________, a white German Shepherd. The dog was used to coming out and surfing with the guys. When the trio started to paddle out, the dog followed them and ended up a few hundred yards from the shore. They had to turn back, and tie the dog up on the shore as the waves were too dangerous for it. They went on to surf the biggest waves ever ridden in California. They unanimously decided to name the spot ________s, after the dog who had the best time of the group.

What are we talking about? And while you are at it also let us know why is the answer in the news?

6) This was started in 1938 by the Salvation Army to raise money during the Great Depression and to honor the female volunteers who served meals to soldiers on the front lines during World War I. Name this event which is celebrated on the first Friday of June every year.

7) Who is coming up with The book, “Zero to One,” about how to build companies of the future? The author says the book is about learning from Silicon Valley how to solve hard problems and build great things that have never existed before.

8) Julian Huxley talked about this concept in his science fiction story “The Tissue-Culture King”, first published in 1927, in which the protagonist discovers that it can be used to block the effects of telepathy. Since then, the usage of the term has been associated with paranoia and conspiracy theories. What?

9) Trailer of the movie Ankur Arora Murder Case. Which company claimed 1 crore rupees as damages and an unconditional apology for loss of reputation for the depiction of its brand in poor light?

10) The Delhi High Court has ordered that the movie ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ should not be released on TV channels with the “objectionable” dialogues against this syrup manufacturer. Which brand/company has filed the suit?


1) Gestapo

2) Intel’s Haswell is named after this town

3) Atari’s E.T. video game, based off the popular movie, was reportedly so bad the game maker dumped at least nine semi trucks-worth of the game cartridges in a Mexican landfill in 1983 after millions of copies were returned or unsold.

4) Ben & Jerry’s is turning to crowdsourcing, tracking habits of residents in five U.S. cities, to decide on new flavors for those markets.

5) Mavericks | It’s in the news because of MAC OS X Mavericks

6) National doughnut day

7) Peter Thiel

8) Tin foil hat


10) RoohAfza |

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