OfNoSi Newsletter #2

Hello! Welcome to the second edition of Of No Significance, TBQ’s newsletter.
Without much ado, straight to the point. Here are some factoids.
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An 18th Century German, a Physics professor is the man behind standard paper sizes like A4.
One of the oldest written records regarding the sqrt(2) aspect ratio for paper sizes is a letter that the physics professor Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (University of Göttingen, Germany, 1742-1799) wrote 1786-10-25 to Johann Beckmann. In it, Lichtenberg explains the practical and aesthetic advantages of the sqrt(2) aspect ratio, and of his discovery that paper with that aspect ratio was commonly available at the time. Read more.

Delhi’s phat-phatiyas were based on Indian and Harley motorcycles.

The original Phat Phat Sewa vehicles (three-wheelers) got their name from the signature Harley engine rumble. Harley bikes came to India in large numbers after World War-II and many of their engines ended up in colourful motor-rickshaws. These were replaced after a Supreme Court ruling against polluting vehicles.

Read More: Herehere and here.

The LHB coaches manufactured by Kapurthala Coach factory traces its history to Germany.

The coaches manufactured under license from Alstom-owned Linke Hofmann Busch traces its history to 1839 when Gottfried Linke in Breslau received his first order: construction of 100 open railway freight cars. Read more

Belarus banned clapping in 2011. No, we are not making this up. If you litter, your car would be confiscated.

In 2011, protesters in Belarus adopted an uncommon way to protest Lukashenko’s policies: They clapped. Thousands of people were consequently arrested for applauding. One of those accused of having committed the offense had only one arm. He was fined anyway. Read more;
Here’s another link

Thomas Edison Films Boxing Cats In What Might Be The First Cat Video Ever

We know Thomas Edison to be the inventor of many modern commodities, but here’s one invention you probably didn’t know was on his list: the cat video.Read more.

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