Of No Significance 4 — TBQ’s Newsletter #OfNoSi

Welcome to TBQ’s #OfNoSi newsletter 4.
Check the image below. Any guesses? Yes, that’s from the famed Abbey Road photo shoot of the Beatles.

Prior to the shoot, Paul McCartney had sketched his ideas for the cover, to which Macmillan added a more detailed illustration.

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Post 911, Swiss knife maker Victorinox started focussing on kitchen knifes along with the Swiss Army watches and luggage that Victorinox started producing in 1989 and 1999. Why?

“Our company has never been as hard-hit as it was by the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks in New York and Washington,” the 55-year-old Elsener says. Almost overnight, after sharp objects were prohibited on airplanes, sales of the fireman-red knives — which had been a duty-free staple in airport stores and on flights — collapsed.

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Who invented the deo as we know it?

An unknown inventor from Philadelphia, USA developed a wax-like cream with slightly antibacterial zinc oxide in 1888. This was the birth of the first deodorant worldwide. The brand MUM owes its name to the nurse of the inventor, who had the nickname MUM. The first deodorant was used not only to prevent armpit odour but also foot odour. It was hoped that the very expensive silk stockings worn back then would last longer by using the antibacterial cream. Morever, women used the cream during menstruation.

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Apple employs spies?

They call themselves the Worldwide Loyalty Team. Among some employees, they are known as the Apple Gestapo, a group of moles always spying in headquarters and stores, reporting directly to Jobs and Oppenheimer.

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