AIMA (All India Management Association) Corporate Quiz – 2012 – Kolkata Finals

AIMA (All India Management Association) NMQ – 2012_ Kolkata Finals

Courtesy: Sudhanshu Sekhar Panda with updates from Rabi Sankar Saha

1.Innovate for a better world-NIKE
2.Identify-inventor of a very famous toy:Ans:Rony Johnson of Super soaker water Gun fame
3.You will never stay in this town-alleged sexual exploits of which celebrity:John Travolta
4.Cartoon of H.Barbora
5.Afican union HQ.PHOTO
6.Lady Gaga founded a NGO for domestic violence
7.What is KozuKai:allowance given by wife to husband for his expenses in Japan
8.Lilly Ledbetter Act of 2009 in US: Equal pay irrespective of race etc.

1.”Make me feel impt.”Business woman:Mary K Cash
2.Business publication Started in 1933 by T. J. Martyn,going to end soon.Newsweek
3.Voice of Carly Fiorina
4.Voice of Jack Welch
6.NGO of Samantha Cameroon,w/o British PM James Cameron
7.Go to Olympics atheletes used Nike shoe,Martin Loutti
8. Photo of Alistair Mclean,Scottish author
9.Lilly fed better in Jan’09in US.What does it generate.Unconditional basis incentive irrespective of race etc.
10.Photo of Swampy-mobile app by Disney.
11.Live out of your dream-which co?Godrej
12.Which term originates from the fictional characters-Laura Weber,Luke Spencer: SuperCouples

1.Photo of Anuradha Mahindra
2.Photo of SS Chatwal(clue: Indian Hotelier)
3.Photo of Vinita Bali
4.Photo of Brookes,film director
5.Rohit Bal (clue: Indian Versatile Designer)
6.Marissa Mayer (clue: Work is Religion)

1.Trivia about origin of assembly line: Ransom olds
2.Mckinsey award: HBR
3.Trivia about Kappa
4.Trivia about Four Seasons Hotels
5.Trivia about Materasi company

1.Connect:Bhopal gas tragedy monument
2.The Jazz Singer:1st talkie movie
3.Photo of Paypal founders
4.Trivia about Royal Rajastan Express
5.Compassionate consumerism
6.communicate wrist band:cool man
7.don’t buy sex:Ruchira Gupta
8.cartoon on Elevator pitch.

AIMA (All India Management Association) Quiz – 2012_ Kolkata Prelims

AIMA (All India Management Association) NMQ– 2012_ Kolkata Prelims

Courtesy: Rabi Sankar Saha with updates from Sudhanshu Sekhar Panda

1. Which Group’s initiative?

2. Id (Sculptor with a difference)

3. Whose initiative to fight cancer?

4. ‘How to Exploit the Crisis Points That Challenge Every Company’ is the byline of which famous book by a prominent Business Personality?

5. Logo with the by-line ‘Hope for the Poor’

6. What’re they collectively called?

7. Whose initiative?

8. CEO of which Co.? (Most of us use it)

9. Photo of the US presidential candidates (other than Democratic & Republican candidates)

10. Id the Economist who got the Nobel for his work on Decision Making?

11. The lady named Aditi Mukherji, is the first Indian to win which Prize for Hunger & Poverty alleviation for her work?

12. Which event is get sponsored by the Co. for last 24 Yrs?

13. Cycle Brand promoted in the movie ‘Student of the Year’?

14. Whose Ad?

15. Whose tagline is ‘Ready for Real Business”? (Clue: Almost all of us have used it)

16. Air Asia introduced what in its long haul Flights at Seventh Row?

17. Speedee was an earlier mascot for a particular type of Service which was later phased out. Which Co.?

18. Ambur, Vaniyambadi, Kacchi & Tahari are varieties of what?

19. If you’re working for a Co. named Paddy Power, then what type of work you do?

20. List of countries with some statistical data- Countries -Biggest guzzlers of Alcohol(ethyl alcohol) per yer per person in 2012

21. The book talks about which particular industry?

22. Established in 1960 by John Bissell & equal shareholders funda. Which Co.?

23. Joint initiative by TOI & which Bangaladeshi Newspaper?

24. Which’s the world’s richest Sport Team? (options were Man U, Dallas Cowboys etc.)

25. Ad. of American Express Bank

26. Photo of Reid Hoffman:founder of Linkedin

27. Which Bollywood Movie made thrice in three different languages & the name roughly translated to ‘Roughe’?

28. ‘The Answer Lies Within’ is the by-line of which Bollywood Movie?

29. Clip of the movie Barfi – which winter wear brand has been promoted in the movie?

30. Clip of the movie ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ – which brand is endorsed by both Katrina & Salman?

1. Sahara Group
2. Sudarsan Pattnaik
3. Yuvraj Singh
4. Only the Paranoid Survive by Andrew Grove
5. Bandhan
7. MSD
8. Twitter (Dick Costolo, the CEO)
9. US presidential candidates (other than Democratic & Republican candidates)
10. Daniel Kahneman
11. Norman Borlaug Award
12. Paralympic Games
13. BSA
14. United Colors of Benetton
15. Xerox
16. Quiet Zone
17. McDonald’s
18. Biryani
19. Betting
20. Countries -Biggest guzzlers of Alcohol(ethyl alcohol) per yer per person in 2012
21. Indian American Motel Owners
22. Fabindia
23. Prothom Alo
24. Man U
25. Ad. of American Express Bank
26. Photo of Reid Hoffman:founder of Linkedin
27. Wanted
28. Talaash
29. Monte Carlo
30. Relaxo

Brand Equity Quiz 2012

Brand Equity 2012 Schedule is out

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Tata Crucible Corporate Bangalore 2012 – External Track Finals

External Track

1) 2010 Google – Social Network – Wave
2) Bowtie+ Louis Chevrolet pic + + = Chevrolet
3) Village Soda in Rajasthan in news for = Chavvi ajawat, MBA Sarpanch
4) TACO funda
5) Ghadi detergent founder pic
6) Amazon tie up in India for Kindle with CROMA
7) London 2012- Many kiosks pic – Mobile toilets
8) Vision statement read out of Mahindra RISE
9) Cincom, Compaq logo, Dark Knight video = Citizen
10) 1964 Tokyo Olympics – Bullet Train
11) 1917 Japan – World’s largest plumbing products manufacturer = Toto
12) Meeting rooms in a tech company pics shown – (Could not get the answer)

1) Ray + Kesavan connect
2) Pucci SRL + Tata = Grazziella Shoes
3) Dating site for mactards = Cupidtino
4) M&M Quanto on this platform = Xylo/Ingenio
5) Maria Sebregondi quote = Moleskin Notebooks
6) Travelport+Accor+ + = Interglobe/Indigo
7) Sergio Tachini photo
8) Tanishq recently brought out a coin to honor MS Subbalakshmi

1) Narayan Rao 1982 – Corner House Ice cream
2) 1908- British, and then Dr. MN Mahadevan – CASH Pharmacy
3) SNS Rao, 1968 – Airlines Hotel

Tata Crucible Corporate Bangalore 2012 – Tata Track Finals


aaaTata Track
Audience: VAIO’s old name

1) Bajaj Tempo – Force Motors
2) Chronographically certified – Rolex
3) Yes Bank founders
4) Only sporting venue in India to be named after a corporate GM(?) – Keenan, Jamshedpur
5) DNA = ___+ Dainik Bhaskar | Essel
6) Steve Jobs quote – Dell make it by being ___, we make it by innovation – WALMART

1) Print ad – Mountain Dew
2) An idea of the nation renewed – book- Nilekani
3) BLR One logo
4) Firefox cycle logo
5) ‘The idiotical’ – online identity of Mad Magazine
6) Currency notes dedicated to animals – South Africa

1) “In touch with your time” – Tissot
2) ” Fall in love in 4.4 seconds” – Mercedes Benz
3) Lava Solo X 900 (?) phone in collaboration with INTEL
4) Undercover Economist by TIM HARFORD

1) PSA (port), Airtel, NIB Bank = Temasek
2) Some Man City connect question
3) Raxa, Male Airport, Solar Tropic- GMR Group
4) Murugappa companies’ logos

1) Over & More in French – SURPLUS
2) Fay Miss Lingerie – Wonderbra
3) Jayprakash Gaur = Jaypee Group

Tata Crucible Corporate 2012 Indore Finals

Tata Crucible Corporate 2012 Indore Finals

Round 1. Crossword

1. This brand has come up with an offering Rascal Red—DULUX

2. Mrs. Nene is their chief smile officer—ORAL-b

3. Rakesh gangwal and Rakesh Bhatia own ir—Indigo

4. Some trivia on Pareto principle—answer Pareto

5. Alan Stillman started this to meet women—TGIF

6. Started by Mukesh Bansal-

7. The world’s financial capital—Forbes

Round 2-anticlock wise

1. Dr. Parvinder singh of Ranbaxy pic

2. What is Luoci or Naked resignation in China?—To let everybody in your office know that you are resigning whether by mail or social media. Chinese employers try to hide resignations as they think other people will also resign

3. Started by Bombay chemicals of Thane, this brand was the market leader for a long time and was generic to the category. It soon lost ground to new players and is now a relic of past.—Tortoise Mosquito coil or Kacchua chaap agarbatti

4. Sukam chairman—Kumar Sachdeva

5. Photo of an old couple. What did the man create for making his wife beautiful—Graham wulffe creator of Olay

Tata round

1. Who gave the term Frugal engineering and in what context?—Carlos Ghosn abt Nano being so cheap

2. This tata co. Has designed a book called Brainteaser for children with different abilities.. Tata interactive systems

3. 8’0 clock coffee original name

4. Hare k fiend safety ke liye jaruri hota hai campaign by Tata Power


1. Burning man logo+picnic+some tick mark logo—Google

2. Singtel+Buddha international circuit+cpme pic—Airtel

3. Sachin’s adidad ad+ Maria sharapova+EOS—Cannon

4. Goldstar logo+enith computers+ conergy+mobile world cup—-LG

Last round 4 qstns on Buzzer

1. What are shinkashin trains?—Bullet trains

2. Which newspaper is owned by Dilligent media corp.?—DNA

3. First male model of Christian dior—Zinedine Zidane

4. Who owns Big daddy productions?—Mahesh Bhupathi

Tata Crucible 2012 Campus Schedule

Tata Crucible 2012 Campus Schedule

QOTB – Quiz on the Beach – 2012 – Prelims – Giri Pickbrain

For finals, click here


  18. AVON
  19. CIPLA
  23. WENDT
  24. RED TAPE
For finals, click here

Quiz on the Beach QOTB 2012 Giri Pickbrain – TAPMI

Round 1

1) Connect Giriraja, Kalinga Brown, Grama Laxmi, Grama Priya and Vanaraja
2) Started in Netherland, 1436. Termed as a painless form of taxation. Elizabeth 1 used it in 1556. It was used to raise money for public good. What?
3) Missionary Church in Sweden- Kopimism. What is unique about them?
4) Niveo Symbolo in Jalndhar. What first in India?
5) US department of energy… restricted the sale of this luxury item… 9.5 litres of water/min
6) Company named ‘Celestis’ is the biggest in this business. Provides service to us human beings. What?
7) Chewed in African culture, led to stained teeth. It was used to treat cough, asthma. Broncho dilator. Which company’s name is derived from this?
8) In US it is legally allowed to sell only 5 times a year. It is said that the banks charge only the processing fee. But actually it is worth over 100 thousand of business. What?

1) All brands of Chicken
2) Lottery
3) Advocates Copyig/Piracy
4) 1st International football maker
5) Shower
6) Burial in space/distribute ashes in space
7) Coca cola | Kola Nut
8) Sale of Blood

Round 2

1) This country launched the Postal stamp of migration of the first Indian labour around 150 years ago. …Ship S S Truro
2) Memebrs of Laclef. Known as holders of the golden keys. Who?
3) Venge- Carbon fibre- racing cycle. Which F1 team is behind it?
4) Whose quote ‘But sometimes I think it’s just like an on-off switch. Click and you’re gone. And that’s why I don’t like putting on-off switches.’

1) South Africa
2) Concierge service
3) McLaren
4) Steve Jobs

Round 3

1) Pic of Brownie Mae Humphrey. First woman to appear in the Business week cover. What’s her claim to fame

2) Logo-PrimeMinister of this nation himself has expressed a great deal of interst in this

3) Pic of a person- Thomas____________ & a diamond. Connect

4) Pic- great gambler

5) Logo
6) Swiss Franc features Palace of Justice India. Dedicated to whom?
7) Pic…BahnHof owns it… stored at this secret location.What?

8) Pic-

1) Tupperware parties
2) National Skill Development council
3) Cullinan diamond named after Thomas Cullinan
4) Steve Wynn
5) Census
6) Le Corbusier
7) Wikileaks server
8) Walt disney

Audience qns
1) Who are Sexocrats?
Ans Presentable buraucrats

Round 4
Arthur Wayne- Ans: Crosswords
Nano’s 1st International market- SriLanka
Raghuram Rajan- FaultLines

1) Ingka holdings – Ikea
2) In the guiness book of records as ‘the biggest family ownded chain’ Which Indian brand? Country Club
3) Cher Wang- HTC
4) Levi’s Citizen- Denizen
5) 204/20 6th Avenue, New York…1858- 5 lettered – Macy’s
6) Thomas Stemberg- Staples
7) From greek for inspiration and knowledge. Which 4 lettered brand? Asus

Round 5


1) H&A store logo, Weetbix, backyard Cricket, Travelex…song from Six and out

Ans: Bret Lee | H&A store owned by Alok Industries. Brett Lee brand ambassador

2) Tata Logo, London Olympics 2012 logo, AOL, song Hero- hum mein hai Hero
Ans: Wolf Ollins

3) Calrence Hotel, RED, Elevation Partner
Ans: Bono

4) White diamonds, passion, Violet eyes, flintstone
Ans: Elizabeth Taylor

Round 6

1) Hut Tax, University of Oxford
Ans: Cecil Rhodes

2) Yes madam Sir, Navjyoti, Ramon Megsasay award
Ans: Kiran Bedi

3) University of Chicago, Logo of Standard Oil and some quotr
Ans: John D Rockefeller

4) Midas Touch, Tyson, Apprentice
Ans: Donald Trump

TBQ Classic Series Full Sample – 8

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The Business Quiz

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TBQ –390

1) The first writing machine that printed in any way like a modern typewriter stemmed from the idea of a writing instrument for the blind. The laurels for this achievement go to Pellegrino Turri of Italy, who built his machine in 1808 as a favour for his girl friend, the Countess Caroline Fantonio da Fivizzonol, who, despite losing her sight as a child, conducted volumnious correspondence. Along with this, he invented something to provide ink to the machine. What? The same invention was simulatenously and independently done by an Englishman named Ralph Wedgewood.
2) The Portugese in Goa levied a capitation tax known as Pensao do Shendy in the 18th and 19th centuries. From whom where they levied?
3) What are supernotes?
4) DuPont’s foray into this business began in the 1910s when company officials suggested making this as an outlet for excess nitrocellulose. What business and what was the produce?
5) This test is a simple way to gauge the active presence of female characters in Hollywood films and to judge just how well-rounded and complete those roles are. It was created by _____ in her comic strip Dykes to Watch Out For in 1985. Name the test and the cartoonist.
6) Identify this logo.
7) These surnames are more common among the Vaishnava banias and Jains. They were derived from the word that meant “to examine”
for they were examiners of coins. What?
8) What is Songun policy of resource allocation in North Korea?

9) The term was originally coined by Ed Miliband when speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme presenter John Humphrys. This term refers to the section of society regarded as particularly affected by inflation, wage freezes and cuts in public spending during a time of economic difficulty, consisting principally of those on low or middle incomes. What?

10) What are these?


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Ans1: Carbon Paper
Ans2: Hindus | Shendy was a long braid of hair compusalrily grown by Hindus
Ans3: High quality counterfeit US Dollar bills printed on cotton-fiber paper using the same expensive “intaglio” printing presses used by the U.S. government
Ans4: films and photographic supplies |film base
Ans5: Bechdel Test | Alison Bechdel
Ans6: RMS Titanic Inc, which is the the Titanic’s court-approved salvor
Ans7:  Parekh and the Parikh from Pariksha
Ans8: The songun, or “military first,” revolution refers to Kim Jong-il’s policy of focusing resources on the Korean People’s Army and using it to police the country and dictate foreign policy, often by raising tensions with other countries.
Ans9: Squeezed Middle
Ans10: Jack Kilby’s notebook from 1958, along with two of the original integrated circuits


TBQ Classic: Set of 310 quizzes (each Set with 10 questions)- Rs. 7875/-Frequency: 5-6 sets of questions per week on an average. Mail us at mailATthebusinessquizDOTcom for more info.

That’s not all. We are now offering TBQ Classic Archives. Lucky, you folks are. 1050 questions in one shot. Rs. 3725/- only.Mail us at mailATthebusinessquizDOTcom for more info.