The Brand Equity Quiz Classic 2011 – (

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The Brand Equity Quiz Classic 2011

1. “Ab-i-rawan” (Flowing water), “Baft-Hawa” (Woven air), and “Shabnam” (Evening dew) were a few poetic names for …
a) Persian perfumes
b) Persian carpets
c) Muslin
Ans: Muslin

2. What does Google call its new employees?
a) Newgies
b) Nooglers
c) Xooglers
Ans: Nooglers

3. When Arthur Heinman built the first ever motel in the USA, what appropriate name did he give it?
a) Highway
b) Milestone
c) Sleep over
Ans: Milestone

4. Who was the first female Fellow of the Statistical Society of London (now the Royal Statistical Society)?
a) Florence Nightingale
b) Marie Curie
c) Queen Victoria
Ans: Florence Nightingale

5. In 1889, they referred to themselves as “The ___ Brothers” for the first time, when they started their own printing firm at the ages of 22 and 18. Fill in the blank.
a) Wright
b) Warner
c) Lehman
Ans: Wright

6. Which is the first management book to reach the national best-seller lists in America?
a) The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
b) Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind
c) In Search Of Excellence
Ans: In Search Of Excellence

7. After being mesmerised by his acting of a drunkard, who renamed Badruddin Kazi after Johnny Walker?
a) Shammi Kapoor
b) Guru Dutt
c) Raj Kapoor
Ans: Guru Dutt

8. After Morarji Desai, which Indian finance minister has presented the maximum budgets?
a) Manmohan Singh
b) Yashwant Sinha
c) P Chidambaram
Ans: P Chidambaram

9. In 1939, Professor Alexandre Horowitz designed Philishave after being inspired by the shape of which bird?
a) Bald Eagle
b) Penguin
c) Kiwi
Ans: Penguin

10. Which icon did Art Paul create?
a) The Playboy Bunny
b) The Nirma Girl
c) The Lacoste Crocodile
Ans: The Playboy Bunny

11. Swarovski is to crystal what the brand Royal Selangor is to …
a) Cigars
b) Silver
c) Pewter
Ans: Pewter

12. Fill in the blank to complete this Peter Drucker quotation: “90% of what we call _____ consists of making it difficult for people to get things done.”
a) Marketing
b) Accounting
c) Management
Ans: Management

13. What did Nur Jahan portray on the coins that had her name on it?
a) Zodiac Signs
b) Her pet cat
c) A rose
Ans: Zodiac Signs

14. Fill in the blank to complete the Edward De Bono quote ‘ ______ is space for everything’.
a) Nothing
b) Internet
c) Mind
Ans: Nothing

15. In 1961, which logo replaced the ‘Speedee’ logo?
a) The Golden Arches
b) The Nike ‘Swoosh’
c) The Michelin Man
Ans: The Golden Arches

16. Architect Fariburz Sabha along with forty engineers and eight hundred labourers, constructed what at a cost of Rs 1 crore?
a) Bahai Temple
b) India Gate
c) Parliament Hose
Ans: Bahai Temple

17. ‘Operation Undersea’, the first show on Disney Channel was a behind-the-scenes preface on the making of which film?
a) Titanic
b) Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea
c) Moby Dick
Ans: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea

18. Lloyd’s of London have insured supermodel Heidi Klum’s …
a) Hair
b) Eyes
c) Legs
Ans: Legs

19. In December 2007, Air France became the first to offer _________________ on international flights.
a) Inflight personal valets
b) Robot assistants for differently abled people
c) In-flight mobile phone service
Ans: In-flight mobile phone service

20. Sunalini N Menon is India’s first woman …
a) Stock broker
b) Coffee taster
c) Beer brewer
Ans: Coffee taster

21. When Michael Bloomberg published his autobiography, what did he call it?
a) Bloomberg by Bloomberg
b) Son of Bloomberg
c) To B or Not to B
Ans: Bloomberg by Bloomberg

22. Barricade is one of the world’s largest selling brands of …
a) Tennis shoes. Manufactured by Adidas
b) Surfing boards
c) Men’s supporters
Ans: Tennis shoes

23. Which bank printed Thailand’s first currency notes?
a) RBI
c) Bank of Thailand

24. BrickFest is a convention for adult fans of which toy?
a) Lego
b) Barbie
c) G.I. Joe
Ans: Lego

25. To buy Radium, President Herbert Hoover presented whom with a bank draft for $50,000 in 1929?
a) Thomas Alva Edison
b) Albert Einstein
c) Marie Curie
Ans: Marie Curie

26. Which of these is officially available in only nine different sizes in India?
a) Basmati rice
b) National Flag of India
c) Newspapers
Ans: National Flag of India

27. The reverse side of Euro coins shows the denomination. What does the obverse side show?
a) Map of Europe
b) It is blank
c) National image
Ans: National image

28. Which industry remains the largest customer for robotics?
a) Automotive industry
b) Agriculture industry
c) Chemical industry
Ans: Automotive industry

29. In which Shakespearean work does the phrase ‘Neither a borrower nor a lender be’ appear?
a) Macbeth
b) Hamlet
c) King Lear
Ans: Hamlet

30. After which Indian is the Overall Award category at the European Case Awards named?
a) Sumantra Ghoshal
b) Amartya Sen
c) CK Prahalad
Ans: Sumantra Ghoshal

31. In 1914, where was the largest electric installation in the world done by GE?
a) Niagara Falls
b) Pyramids of Egypt
c) Panama Canal
Ans: Panama Canal

32. Which profession would you be in if you used a ‘pancake tutu’?
a) An Opera singer
b) A chef
c) A ballerina
Ans: A ballerina

33. Which brand name did Richard Branson choose to launch a range of condoms to challenge Durex?
a) Virgin
b) Intimate
c) Mates
Ans: Mates

34. In the 1960s, the marketing team at P & G consulted which book to come up with the name Pringle (chips)?
a) Telephone directory
b) The Bible
c) A dictionary
Ans: Telephone directory

35. The Asian fleet operating under the ‘Star Cruises’ brand is mostly named after …
a) Explorers
b) Zodiac Signs
c) Seas
Ans: Zodiac signs

36. Who became the first customer to deposit gold under the State Bank of India’s Gold Deposit Scheme?
a) Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams
b) Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board
c) Ashtavinayak Temple Authority
Ans: Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board

37. Which was the first company to offer paperless proxy voting to employee shareholders?
a) Xerox
b) Facebook
c) Microsoft
Ans: Microsoft

38. In 1950, because the president of a company refused to be on the cover of it, what appeared on the Time magazine?
a) Coke
b) Computer
c) Hydrogen bomb
Ans: Coke

39. Once, as a mark of appreciation, for what did Motilal Nehru award MS Oberoi with RS 100?
a) Best kitchen practice
b) Flawless typing
c) Most cleaned hotel room
Ans: Flawless typing

40. Plume is the official name of the paper that sticks out of the top of …
a) Hershey’s Kiss
b) Post-it Notes
c) Band-Aid
Ans: Hershey’s Kiss

41. What was promoted in India with the tagline ‘Daz doorstep challenge’?
a) Harpic
b) Vim
c) Tide
Ans: Tide

42. The first U.S. commemorative coin was produced in 1892 and featured which explorer?
a) Amerigo Vespucci
b) Christopher Columbus
c) Marco Polo
Ans: Christopher Columbus

43. Toggle, Selector, Joystick, Proximity are types of…
a) Electrical switches
b) Keyboards
c) Computer mouse
Ans: Electrical switches

44. Which designer created six flags for the 1995 Year of Tolerance for UNESCO?
a) Yves Saint Laurent
b) Christian Dior
c) Pierre Cardin
Ans: Pierre Cardin

45. In Bareilly district about 25000 families are engaged in manufacturing activities related to which type of type of embroidery work?
a) Zardozi
b) Kalamkari
c) Chikankari
Ans: Zardozi

46. Which is the first Indian company to be assigned the highest Corporate Governance Rating CGR1 from ICRA?
a) Wipro
b) Infosys
c) Tata Group of Companies
Ans: Infosys

47. Who has started the tradition of ringing the ceremonial gong to mark the listing of a company on the Bombay Stock Exchange?
a) Subhash Ghai
b) Azim Premji
c) JRD Tata
Ans: Subhash Ghai

48. Who among these was Lakme’s first model?
a) Parameshwar Godrej
b) Maureen Wadia
c) Tina Munim
Ans: Maureen Wadia

49. Who has developed the India centric management idea called ‘Theory ‘i’ Management’?
a) Sumantra Ghosal
b) CK Prahlad
c) Arindam Chaudhuri
Ans: Arindam Chaudhuri

50. Now what is the official trade name of ‘Simplo-Filler Pen Company’?
a) Cartier
b) Parker
c) Montblanc
Ans: Montblanc

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Brand Equity Quiz 2011 Pune Finals

Brand Equity Quiz 2011 Pune Finals

For Prelims

1. The concept of mass distribution of condoms was introduced by an IIM graduate through which product?
2. I you are wearing a Macfarlane, then what is it? Coat
3. If your railway reservation ticket shows the code CA over it, you have booked your ticket under which category?   Tatkal
4. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor in December 1941, Woodruff declared company’s wartime policy: “We will see that every man in uniform gets a bottle of _____ for five cents wherever he is and whatever it costs”. Fill in the blanks.  Coke
5. Mullet is associated with which profession?  Hair Cutting
6. Tresskilling Yellow is considered as the most expensive piece of what? Postage Stamp

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Brand Equity Quiz 2011 Pune Prelims

Ramanand has posted Brand Equity Quiz 2011 Pune Prelims questions and answers.  Some of them below. For the rest and answers, please visit his blog post.

1. who owns a farmhouse in khadakwasla, sai service petrol pump
2. deutsche welle gives the BOBs awards. Best of?
3. longest reigning monarch, also has a large fortune
4. batata wada, what does batata mean in eng
5. which former employee of ad dept of GE worked with Al Ries for over 26 years
6. victorian author worked at warren blacking factory for 6 shillings a week –
7. bcos they were constantly touched by hands and feet of ppl, which mughal ruler did away with the quranic kalima from coins
8. which tight-fitting trousers and short riding boots shares its name with an indian city
9. which prog topped last week’s TRPs on Indian TV
10. how many vincent van gogh sell in his lifetimend in India


TBQ Classic: Set of 310 quizzes (each Set with 10 questions)- Rs. 7875/-Frequency: 5-6 sets of questions per week on an average. Mail us at thebusinessquizATgmailDOTcom for more info.

That’s not all. We are now offering TBQ Classic Archives. Lucky, you folks are. 1050 questions in one shot. Rs. 3725/- only.Mail us at thebusinessquizATgmailDOTcom for more info.