Business Line Quiz_Cerebration_ Coimbatore Prelims

Business Line Quiz_Cerebration_ Coimbatore Prelims


Courtesy: Sethu Madhavan

  • Lakshyam (Book to Practice) is a unique Campus initiative from which Service provider

Air cell

  • In 1991 which media personality was the times person of the year

Ted Turner

  • ID..

Shika Sharma – Axis Bank

  • Which Indian Businessman was an integral part of freedom movement (Something like that)

Jamnalal Bajaj

  • Which Ketchup brand came up with Sketch up Contest… Art through Ketchup

A.Del Monte


C. Heinz

  • Mia.. “Loves To Go to Work”… Mia is a brand of designer Jewellery from?


  • What are D&E Markets? (Clue: IT Sector)

Developing and Emerging Markets

  • Which Football Club was founded at the Rising sun Pub?


  • Which British Food and Clothing retailer in Tie-up with reliance Retail


  • Business Trademark Logo of

The Art of living

  • Founder of which Italian fashion brand said “ I learnt marketing from US and creativity from Italy”

Renzo Rosso (Diesel)

  • Tic Tac is from?



  • Cutting through Complexity?


  • 1978 3M did a sample testing which resulted in a huge success of this brand?

Post It

  • ID?

Sergy Brin

  • Capresse is imported luggage from


  • 1959 which Finance Minister was the recipient of the Magsaysay Award

CD Deshmukh

  • Logo of     Drop Box
  • Gateway Development Award was given to this large group for their contribution to Rural support ( Didn’t note the year)


  • Pic of Airline with the words Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Virgin Airlines








Cerebration- The Business Line Corporate Quiz 2013

Cerebration, the annual Business Line Quiz 2013 is all set to test the sharpest IQ’s. If you have a penchant for the latest in the world of mergers and acquisitions, the hottest start ups, cheeky brand trivia, hum-worthy jingles and juicy business knowledge, you have embarked on a success mission. Open to corporate executives, business professionals, students and enthusiasts of all types, Cerebration pits you against some of the finest minds in the business world. Register now and get ready to stamp your seal of authority in the country’s premier battle of the brains. The centres for the quiz are Delhi, Chennai, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. You have a chance to walk away with exciting prizes.

Stage 1: Qualification- The qualification round will be an Online Quiz. Those teams scoring 75% and above will be selected for stage 2 in every regional round in each of the six cities. The written test and the regional round will be held on the same day as per the schedule.

Stage 2: Regional Final: Participants qualifying Stage 1 will take an on-ground written test. The top 6 teams (based on their performance in the written test) will enter the regional finals.

Stage 3: National Finals: The Top winning team from each region (6 winners) will go onto the national finals. The regional round and the national finals will be held on the same day in Mumbai.

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