Mumbai Tata Crucible 2011 Corporate Quiz-Finals

Mumbai Tata Crucible 2011 Corporate Quiz-Finals

Teams on stage: Deloitte, Deutsche bank, BPCL, Questa, Axis & IndusInd

1) Sahara Blend, Iran Heavy, BasraLight, Bonny Light, Arab light.. What are they?

2)  It is modelled on the Tennessee Valley Authority of the USA. Jawaharlal Nehru, prime minister of India, Dr. B.C.Roy, chief minister of West Bengal and Sri Krishna Sinha, chief minister of Bihar, took personal interest to ensure early success of the project…. Act of 1948…

3) Britannia question

4) Rustomji- Director General then.. “Duty onto death’

5) Born in Uganda, San Francisco residence, Bungalow..maple wood flooring…Lamborghini

6) The term originally came from concealing hip flasks..everyday wear…trouser

Ans1) OPEC basket

Ans2) Damodar valley corp

Ans3) Britannia

Ans4) Border Security force

Ans5) Chatur Ramalingam from 3 idiots

Ans6) Bootlegging

Round 2

1) Image: CHOAM- What’s the specialty?

2) Visual… Sugarpova

3) Old logo of BBC

4) Image:

5) Werner Von Siemens… of the earliest for something- what?

Ans1) World’s largest Fictional corporation

Ans2) Sugarpova..Maria Sharapova’s candy brand

Ans3) Old logo of BBC

Ans4) Peter Benenson-Amnesty

Ans5) 1st prototype of an Electric car

Round 3- Tata World

1) 80 year old book retailer is now using TCS’ iON offering to move to digital environment..


2) Heritage collection… Mangala, Stambha, Konark


3) Project Tejaswini- Tata Steel

4) Florida based..private planes.. with which Tata group is having discussions now.


Round 4- Connect

1) Highroad, S3 graphics, Couple dancing…. Telecom

Ans: HTC (Slasa)

2) VISA, Meril Lynch, Pic

Ans: Bank of America (founder Amadeo Giannini pic)

3) Hub, transformer theme song, Trivial pursuit

Ans: Hasbro

4) Accel, American farm bureau… theme music of ‘Social network’

Ans: Facebook

Round 5

1) Paris..  Madeleine Odette .. 1st woman economic affairs

Ans: Christine Lagarde

2) Wallace Flint…1932..punched card

Bernard Silver, Joseph woodland

Ans: Bar code

3) D Mehra co.

Satyajit Ray

Ans: Rupa Books