Tata Crucible Pune Corporate Quiz 2011

Pune Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2011

Courtesy: Samrat Mukherjee

External Winners: Samrat Mukherjee & Team- DCB Bank


Internal tata Track

Winners: Tata chemicals

2nd: Tata Motors
Teams on Stage-CTS, e-clerk, john deere, Amdocs, Pickleminds-Ravi Handa, DCB bank


1.”Garv Se Kaho Ki Hum Kanjoos Hain”- This is a quote by which famous businessman. Future Group
2.”Wear The Pants”- tagline of which brand. Dockers
3.Which famous businessman led the restoration of Statue of Liberty by the private sector in 1986 on request from Ronald Reagan. Lee Iacocca
4.The online game “Urban Thrill” is owned by which company. Reckitt Benkiser
5.Demi Moore spends around 36000 dollar per year on this particular product for grooming her hair.Which product. Evian
6.This famous chain of environment friendly cosmetic products collaborated on working for the safety of whales.Which company. Lush Bodyshop
7.Which famous fashion designer claims direct desendence from Scottish poet Robert Burns and opened his first store under the name The People’s Place. Tommy Hilfiger
8.Identify this personality. Amit Mitra

9.The MTV movie awards are designed after what? Grammy Awards Popcorn Awards
10.Which bank became the first bank to achieve 1 billion dollar in assests in 1919. CITIBANK
11.What is FILOFAX.
12.”Inside Magic Kingdom” is a book based on which company. Disney
13.This company was founded in 1953 in collaboration with Oerlikon Machine Tools Works, Buchrle & Co., Zurich. Aftab Rai was its first MD. Which company. HMT
14.This company which had about 40% market share in wireless handset market recently renamed its music and maps offering service to the name of the company. Nokia re-branded Ovi
15.The first colour TV in India was produced by which company. Videocon
16.Identify this famous strategic consulting guru. Ram Shriram

17.This company was founded by Alvin B Philps, a Motorola employee in 1970.It rapidly became a speciality semiconductor maker. Its first product in the market was WD1402A UART. Western Digital
18.What does NEO stand for in the Airbus A320 NEO planes which have been recenlty been in news for being ordered by Spicejet.
19.This is what the website of this corporate enitity says about its logo- New Engine Option
“As a corporate entity, our new logo reflects our new mission… smoother, seamless, and efficient, whichever way you look at it.” Which entity. BSE
20.Identify the logo. NABARD

21.Apple filed a patent infringement lawsuit on this company over a product for it being similar to its Ipad in design. Which product. Samsung Tab
22.What do you call a person who is a minority investor in a private equity fund or a venture capital fund. Limited Partner
23.This company had about 80% of the market share in gaming but its fortune dwindled once it came up with a game based on the movie E.T. Atari
24.FreshHome, Birds & Blooms and Best You are some of the magazines from which famous publishing house. Reader’s Digest
25.Which prime minister led the nationalization of banks in India in 1969. Indira Gandhi

Prelims questions via QBITMESRA

External Track-Finals

Round 1

  • 1) Special Drawing Rights
  • 2) Sunglasses concept US army
  • 3) Apron while operating patients
  • 4) 3rd hand smoke
  • 5) I-Mark in India, like G-Mark in Japan
  • 6) Schneider electric

Round 2

  • 1) EPFO logo
  • 2) Pic of Dupont
  • 3) Jitendra pic- 30+
  • 4) Shriram group cover- bankcruptcy
  • 5)Book cover..Killer co…Matt peacock- banning of Asbestos
  • 6) What’s common to baidu, youku.com

Tata Round

  • ION- Chief Artichect- Chandrasekharan
  • Tata chemicals- Africa tie up- Olam
  • Taj- hotel tie up


  • 1) Home brew computers, Apple
  • 2) Donear
  • 3) Hyosung
  • 4) BJN


Last round-3 clue

  • 1) Born in Kenya….Francis D Souza
  • 2) Tropicana


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Tata Crucible 2011 Corporate Guwahati Quiz Questions


Tata Crucible 2011 Corporate Guwahati Quiz Questions

Courtesy: Mridul Kalita and Others from the ‘Assam Quiz Association’


Guwahati prelims

1.Why Nike took back its shoes in1996?
Islam Controversy
2.What prize is given for impossible projects?

3.Name the leading brand founded in 30s(?) has elaphant as its logo?

4) What brand can u relate wid operation golden flow?
5) there was a qsn on green revolution

6) The Gods Must b crazy part 1- the story revolves around an empty coke bottle thrown off an empty coke bottle thrown off a plane

John Pemberton’s statue in Atlanta



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Tata Crucible 2011 Corporate Quiz- Hyderabad Prelims & Finals

Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2011 – Hyderabad Prelims

1. To whom did Balasaheb Pant Pratinidhi, ruler of Aundh Saunsthan donate land to establish a factory and subsequently a town?  LAKSHMAN RAO KIRLOSKAR

2. Three commercial banks authorised to issue HK DOLLARS? Two are bank of China (HK) and HSBC, who is the third?  STANDARD CHARTERED

3.  Two separate boutiques that Pierre Cardin divided his house into in 1959. He tried Trademarking them, but couldn’t as the words were too common. He quoted “I would like to believe that this was the genesis of a lot of fashion and advertising trends”? ADAM and EVE

For more questions for Tata Crucible 2011 Corporate Quiz Hyderabad round, click here.

Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2011 – Hyderabad Finals

1. What is Rachet Effect

2. Who is a 99er

3. What is the difference between Vintage Champagne and a Champagne according to french laws

4. Question on origins of 360 degree appraisal

4. Abbreviation of Chinese auto company, BYD

Build Your Dreams

For more questions, please check Praneeth’s blog.

Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2011 Jamshedpur Prelims & Finals

Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2011 – Jamshedpur

1) She set up Vidya Bharati Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, an educational institute which runs a chain of schools and colleges in Western India. Which female Indian citizen? Pratibha Patil
2) Which brand has launched a merchandise called SUBSTORE? Subway
3) With which organization would you associate Antrix to? ISRO
4) Identify this logo.

Android OS
5) For which entity is Anand famous? Amul
6) Which brand of shoes was common for Pele, Lothat Matheus, Diego Maradona?
7) What was introduced by French engineer Louis Réard and fashion designer Jacques Heim in Paris in 1946?Named after an Island. Bikini
8) Identify.

Ingvar Kamprad
9) An Italian brand of scooter manufactured by Piaggio. It has evolved from a single model motor scooter manufactured in 1946 by Piaggio & Co. S.p.A. of Pontedera, Italy—to a full line of scooters and one of seven companies today owned by Piaggio—now Europe’s largest manufacturer of two-wheeled vehicles and the world’s fourth largest motorcycle manufacturer by unit sales. Vespa
10)Which metal gets its name from the Roman God of trade? Mercury
11)What analysis was named after this Italian gentleman?

Pareto Principle
12) Which game means “number place” ? Sudoku
13) Ownership has changed many times, past owners including the Scottish publisher A & C Black, Horace Everett Hooper,Sears Roebuck and William Benton. The present owner of this Encyclopædia. is Jacqui Safra, a Swiss billionaire and actor. Brittanica
14)Who is psephologist? One who analyses election results
15) Yahoo mail logo’s name- LIAM
16)What is a Japanese for “FAIL SAFE”? Pokayoke
17)Tiger Airlines is a part of which airlines? Singapore Airlines
18)He was a Scottish-American industrialist, businessman, and entrepreneur who led the enormous expansion of the American steel industry in the late 19th century. He was also one of the most important philanthropists of his era. Also founded a famous institution. Andrew Carnegie
19) Google doodle on whose birthday?

Jules Verne


Some questions from the final round:
1) Which place witnessed fall in real estate prices and was named after Major James Abbott? Abottabad
2) Only LUX model to become a Chief Minister? Jayalalitha
3) Who was born as Rama Krishna in Haryana and started Patanjali Life Sciences? Baba Ramdev
4) Identify this personality after whom a bank was named. Salmon P Chase




5) John Harmsworth designed something in distinctive green bottles. The shape was that of the Indian clubs Harmsworth used for exercise. What? Perrier

6)The face was airbrushed.Which first male model of Christian Dior? Zinedane Zidane

7) Which unlikely agency designed a game, Moonbase Alpha, for kids? NASA

8) Name the brand that’s connected to this painting.

Godiva Chocolates [ Lady Godiva]
9) Connect on Firefox
11) Connect on RBI governors
12) Connect on Mobile Operating systems
13) Connect on ITC products
14)Connect on apple
15)Connect on AR Rahman
16) What new product is TVS King? 3-Wheeler
17)Which brand gets its name from sandal and turmeric? Santoor

Sourced from QBITMESRA


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Tata Crucible Ranchi 2011 Questions – Prelims


[ Sent by Send by Debabrata Chowdhury, Bokaro. These are just the keywords pointing to questions]

Tata Crucible Ranchi 2011 Questions – Prelims

Courtesy: Debabrata Chowdhury

1. Which iconic store was opened on 14th December,1905 with active support from Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Manmohandas Ramji?

2. What was devised by Luis von Ahn, Manuel Blum, Nicholas J. Hopper, and John Langford (all from Carnegie Mellon University) that we invariably see on any e-commerce website today?

3. Which online yellow page website did VSS Mani, a chartered accountant, start in 1994?

4. Identify the logo. Flipkart

5. In 1907, a French chemist developed a formula called Aureole. This led to the establishment of which company?

6. Which firm has designed the new Hero Moto logo? (It had also designed the Tata logo.)

7. Which RCB player endorses Fastrack and Herbalife?

8. Identify. [Shibulal of Infosys]

9. Which management theory on cost control was first propounded in 1984 in a novel featuring Alex Rogo as the protagonist?

10. Which brand of battery does P & G sell?

11. Which airlines’ member lounge is called Maple Leaf?

12. For which apparel company did this legendary photographer create memorable advertisements?
Oliviero Toscani

13. What is the terminology for the acquisition of another company using a significant amount of borrowed money (bonds or loans) to meet the cost of acquisition?

14. Which brand name is derived from the combination of the German word for water (Wasser) and the Greek word for oil (elaion)?

15. Which IT company does Francisco D’Souza head?

16. Identify the TV channel from the logo. Geo TV of Pakistan

17. This company was founded by Henry Nook in 1772. Apart from inventing the ‘screw less lock’, this company later diversified into the manufacture of firearms and swords. How do we know this company today?

18. Which company made the ballot boxes for the first general election of India?

19. Who is 2nd in Time magazine’s 2011 list of Top Abusers of Power?

20. Identify the person (the surname will do). Gitanjali Kirloskar

Ranchi finals posted here


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[Updated] Tata Crucible Corporate 2011- Kolkata- Questions

Prelims  and Finals questions via Anirvan Bhadra

External Track finals here

  1. Indian Raliways – premium production unit named after a patriot who defended Aurobindo Ghoshe in the Alipore Bombing case? Chittaranjan Locomotive Works
  2. Coco Chanel’s LBD was first released in which magazine? Vogue
  3. Exceptions to which theory related to business – 1989 US Panama invasion; 2008 South Ossetia War; Nato Strike on Serbia etc. – Golden Arches Theory
  4. Rajendra Pawar – new chairman of which organisation – showed the pic of Harsh Manglik – did not name him? NASSCOM
  5. Adman worked at Clarion Mackann and publicity division of Air India – now designs clothes for his wife’s labels with the name of ‘Kotwara’ – name of his house in Lucknow? Muzzafar Ali
  6. MD of BigDaddy Productions – owned by Indian sports celebrity – part of a celebrity couple – Mahesh Bhupathi
  7. Junior, Standard, AP, Super are brands of Porsche – which product category? Tractors!!! Best Question
  8. RED – Real Estate Destination – which company’s brand – HDFC
  9. Which auto company has all its brands ending with an ‘O’ and with which brand did it recently make this change? VERITO/LOGAN
  10. Which management guru changed the rules of baseball leading to pitchers throwing overarm rather than underarm – father of scientific management – Fredrick Taylor
  11. Religious text publisher (Hindu) – Gorakhpur – Jaya Dayal Goyandaka – 1923 – Sanatana Dharma principles – GITA PRESS
  12. Pic of a mascot in yellow with a small h on its torso – auto brand whose all communication is yellow based – mascot for their new dashboards to help their passengers – HERTZ
  13. Armani Casa – description of products sold by them – what is casa translation – HOME/House
  14. Japanse digital imaging solutions company – direct competition to Xerox – own OCE based in Netherlands – CANON
  15. Which brand ran a NAME GAME for finding the name of its new logo for its customers – final shortlist was Hug/Curve and the chosen name – WAVE/Airtel
  16. Pics of Yuvi and Dhoni holding man of the series and man of the finals trophies of WC 2011 – Name their desginer – SWAROWSKI
  17. History of Traf-o-data – Paul Gilbert and 2 men – name them – history of a start of a large corporation – MICROSOFT
  18. That calls for a ————–? Beer brand – earlier positioning was ‘Probably the best beer in the world’ – CARLSBERG
  19. Earl——— former landscape gardener worked for Dupont founded what – TUPPERWARE
  20. Management Guru pic – Gave talks in Jamshedpur and Kolkata – was not present physically for these talks – SETH GODIN
  21. Latin America – HARLISTAS? Who? Harley Davidson riders
  22. Person started vodka to compete with Grey Goose – failed – said his vodka got fired – Donald TRUMP
  23. TENVIC – whose sports + education initiative – KUMBLE
  24. Divya Yoga Mandir and Patanjali Trust run science camps? Who – BABA RAMDEV
  25. Prosearch Consulants run by 2 IIM A Alumni couple – Anita the wife – Husband – HARSHA BHOGLE

Cutoff for TATAs – 14 on tie break and Non TATA 15

1. .CH whose domain name – Switzerland Funda – Confederation Helvetica

2. Lt. McCready – Rayban

3. ‘Pitch Invasion’ – Book chronicling which 2 brothers business life – Dassler Brothers

4. Scurry Award Winner – 2010 Change Leadership award for creating a new category – GINGER Hotels

5. US Ambassador to India (1961 – 63) – Galbraith

6. Project Pink by Microsoft – KIN mobile phone




1. Picture of Mid Summer Cut Price Sale at Indian City which inspired Big Bazaar’s sale strategy – HIGGINBOTHAMS

2. Picture of Marathi Daily cover – Founded by BAL THACKERAY

3. Predecessor to L’EQUIPE holds which event – TOUR DE FRANCE (L’Auto)

4. Logo of SILK AIR

5. Prince Arthur – 3rd son of Queen Victoria – Something in India named after his title – CONNAUGHT PLACE (Duke of Connaught)

6. Ratan Tata pic – Inauguration of TATA MEDICAL CENTRE


1. Logos of MICROSOFT products – Silverlight/Visual Studio/ProSynth or something like that

2. Pictures of all yesteryear heads of ITC

3. All brands of Britannia- Timepass/NiceTime/

4. Pictures of magazine covers of MAN and The Week and Radio Mangoes – MALAYALAM MANORAMA

One round with MCQ – Pick the wrong one – very basic questions

One good nuggett – NRN Murthy declined the offer to be IT Adviser to Guv Arnie!!!!!!


1. ‘Out of Crisis’ – Author – Big name in QC – DEMING

2. HQ called Bush House – BBC

3. Full form of RS in Skoda RS – Rally Sports

4. Farokh Engineer/Kirmani/Kapil Dev were rejected – Pakistani picked finally for what? CINTHOL (Imran Khan)

5. Jasper & Jinx????? – TOM and JERRY