Brand Equity Quiz- Chennai-2011- Prelims Questions

Brand Equity Quiz Prelims- Chennai-2011

Winners: Crisil

Teams on stage: CTS/ Crisil/ Global Scholars/ Infy/ Sanmar/ TCS

1) Blinding Edge – owned by whom |  M N  Shyamalan

2) What event was created in 1952 to promote catalina swimsuit brand? Miss Universe

3) Maximum amount for which single telegraphic money order may be issued-

1000/3000/5000/10000 | 5000

4) 2010 most sold car- 3 options given | Alto

5) What is sold as Thosai in Singapore? Dosai

6) What was used as motif in South Indian coins in early days? Tiger/ Peacock/ Lion | Tiger

7) St andrews/ Kelvin/Onasis/Victoria are diff ways to tie a Tie/Shoelace/ G string | Tie

8) Ponting was a given a nickname because he used to bet big on horses- What? Punter

9) If you recive a oyseter card for travel which city would you be in paris / London / some

other city | London
10) Queen of this country commissioned MF hussain to do a canvas for 99 paintings on Islamic Art. | Qatar

11) $9B is spent to eradicate this and it consumes $1B lives Polio/Malaria/ Dengue | Polio

12) Former President of INC joined his uncle Karupaiah clothig biz as salesboy | Kamaraj

13) Aiswarya got her biggest paycheck for which movie till date | Robot

14) India’s___ recycling sector accounts for 9000 cr and employs 3m people | Cowdung/Plastic/Glass


15) In 2002, this company acquired for $8000 and said it was desirable for them | Monster

16) Tata’s i-Shakti salt’s i stands for – Iodine

17)Who gets higher salary LS MP or RS MP or both? Both equal

18) Lenendary figure who was assisted by fellow outlaws who called themselves merry men –Robin Hood

19) BCCI Logo

20) Mechanic movie poster

21) Jules Verne hotel where would you find it? Eiffel Tower

22) Bryan Adams song

23) Bill Gates audio

24) Perry Masons actual profession – the fictional character created by Erle Stan Garden –Lawyer

25) Whose last book was new age of Innovation which he wrote with M S Krishnan? C K Prahlad

26) In Hindu mtyhology who is the maker of all ornaments –Viswakarma

27) With a view to restructure the housing needs of the rural poor they launched__________Awas Yojana in 1985

Indira Gandhi

28) Mozilla Firefox is the name of which animal red panda/ Wolf/ Armadillo/-  Red Panda

29)  The US received most no of spams in 2010. Which country ranked second? India

30)  So far, the effort to eradicate which disease has cost $9 billon and consumes $1 billion world wide every year? Ops: Polio, Malaria, Influenza | Polio

Order of questions may be jumbled. 
Courtesy: Sethu Madhavan & Quiz Master Baba

Tata Crucible Ranchi 2011 Questions – Prelims


[ Sent by Send by Debabrata Chowdhury, Bokaro. These are just the keywords pointing to questions]

Tata Crucible Ranchi 2011 Questions – Prelims

Courtesy: Debabrata Chowdhury

1. Which iconic store was opened on 14th December,1905 with active support from Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Manmohandas Ramji?

2. What was devised by Luis von Ahn, Manuel Blum, Nicholas J. Hopper, and John Langford (all from Carnegie Mellon University) that we invariably see on any e-commerce website today?

3. Which online yellow page website did VSS Mani, a chartered accountant, start in 1994?

4. Identify the logo. Flipkart

5. In 1907, a French chemist developed a formula called Aureole. This led to the establishment of which company?

6. Which firm has designed the new Hero Moto logo? (It had also designed the Tata logo.)

7. Which RCB player endorses Fastrack and Herbalife?

8. Identify. [Shibulal of Infosys]

9. Which management theory on cost control was first propounded in 1984 in a novel featuring Alex Rogo as the protagonist?

10. Which brand of battery does P & G sell?

11. Which airlines’ member lounge is called Maple Leaf?

12. For which apparel company did this legendary photographer create memorable advertisements?
Oliviero Toscani

13. What is the terminology for the acquisition of another company using a significant amount of borrowed money (bonds or loans) to meet the cost of acquisition?

14. Which brand name is derived from the combination of the German word for water (Wasser) and the Greek word for oil (elaion)?

15. Which IT company does Francisco D’Souza head?

16. Identify the TV channel from the logo. Geo TV of Pakistan

17. This company was founded by Henry Nook in 1772. Apart from inventing the ‘screw less lock’, this company later diversified into the manufacture of firearms and swords. How do we know this company today?

18. Which company made the ballot boxes for the first general election of India?

19. Who is 2nd in Time magazine’s 2011 list of Top Abusers of Power?

20. Identify the person (the surname will do). Gitanjali Kirloskar

Ranchi finals posted here


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Tata Crucible Kolkata Final (External) 2011

Tata Crucible Kolkata Final (External) 2011

Courtesy: Anirvan Bhadra



1. Brand held by Nestle now – founded by a baker in Chicago in 1970 based on a famous fictional character – Willy Wonka

2. Tim Berners Lee thinks which part of the web to be totally unnecessary and would change it if he had a chance to go back in time? double slash in http://

3. Economics funda – theory regarding average tax rates affecting tax revenues and revenues falling off after a breach of a certain tax rate – Laffer Curve

4. Group of journalists were called to USS Wilson off Manila – PR exercise – Funda? Ship used to bury Osama at sea

5. Long question on establishment of Jamestown in the Carribean. Funda? Slave Trade

6. 1846 – Irish immigrant – Marble Dry Goods Palace – new retailing strategy popular today – What? Fixed Price


1. Book cover of ‘Fistful of Rice’ – Author – Vikram Akula

2. Mohan Meakins Coat of Arms – Flagship brand? Old Monk

3. 150/- coin shown – released to celebrate 150 years of the tax departments – whose face is on the flip side? Chanakya

4. Picture of a colorful wagon – whose logo – Wells Fargo

5. Poster of a documentary on graphic design with all the alphabets – name of the movie – Helvetica

6. Newspaper pic of Project Gernonimo war room (Osama raid) – what was special about the pic – mentioned Jew paper – Women were photoshopped out of the pic


1. Word – ‘Seamhas’; Map shown; coat of arms; song having Saif – CHIVAS REGAL

2. Body Shop posters, Anita Roddick family picture, Dia Mirza song

3. Connect on Wella – Bipasha song, picture of Kanagawa wave which influenced the logo

Last round had questions on Kiosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad; Naming and facts about Gurgaon; Funda about Ramnath Goenka.

Coimbatore Prelims questions Tata Crucible Corporate 2011


Questions Courtesy : Arul Saravanan (Ashok)

1)English singer/composer, brain child behind rocket record co. in 1972. Has a unique record, they are the only co. that has a trade mark  to a song , that was sung  only once in public?

2) Which former airhostess was Lakme’s first Indian model?

3) Which co. did Sunil Mittal get into an agreement in 1983 to manufacture the co’s push button telephone models for the Indian market? Later the co. went onto forge alliance with Nokia.

4)Picture of this famous Huge Entrepreneur.

5)Whose Tagline goes “ No Flavour Finer” The product carries a G I Tag and makes India proud?

6) The Vanilla Beans are used in the Ice Cream Industry. Which Country produces 80% of the world’s Vanilla Beans output?(Clue – Children will know from Cartoons)

7) On 5th April 2011, who announced about his new IT Venture “Happiest Minds Technologies Pvt Ltd” ?

8)Picture of a Logo – whose? (Probably the Toughest question- QM)


9) What term now used in media comes from the name given by the London based pharmaceutical company Burroughs Well Co to the compressed Tablets ?

10) Which Asian Country with Voice based revenues of $ 5.70 Billion has overtaken India as the Call centre capital of the world ?

11) Who is the main Holding company of LMVH, owning 42.38% of its Shares and 59.30% of its Voting rights? (Clue – Huge Brand)

12)From the Education Sector. Old Company. Whose Logo?


13) First example of an Indian company hiring a local face to endorse its brand exclusively in another Country. Dabur has roped in which Pakistani cricketer for its brand – Hajmola?

14) Which nation gets its top level internet  domain as .Ch ?

15) He has donated a majority of his company’s shares to M.I.T to fulfill his desire. Under the terms of the Gift, M.I.T cannot sell its shares & will not participate in its management or governance of the Company but can get annual dividend on its shares. Identify this gentleman.? (Huge Indian name)

16)Arabian Logo . Identify ? (New tourism destination in the middle east. Did not get effected by the recession)


17) Logo – Identify ? (Local Company)


18) Which electronic commerce company would be associated with Andrew Mason?

19) This Company is recognized as India’s biggest chain of Family Clubs by the Limca book of world records. They boast of having around 600 corporate members including Microsoft, Brooke bond Lipton, CMC,etc…..

20) Very much  native Logo.



1) Elton John

2) Maureen Wadia

3) Seimens

4) Cecil Rhodes

5) Darjeeling Tea

6) Madagascar

7) Ashok Soota

8) Competition Commission of India

9) Tabloid

10) Philippines

11) Christian Dior

12) Aptech

13) Shahid Afridi

14) Switzerland

15) Amar Bose

16) Abu Dhabi

17) Vasan Eye Care

18) Groupon

19) Country Club

20) Nigiris

Tata Crucible Corporate 2011- Kochi- Finals- Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2011- Kochi- Questions

Tata-Crucible-2011-Corporate Quiz Kochi
Tata-Crucible-2011-Corporate Quiz Finals Kochi

Winners: Arun Thomas Abraham and Ranjith K Wilson ( Malayala Manorama )

Runners ups- Vishal Vighnesh and Arun Kumar (Swadisht Foods, Bangalore)
Here are some of the questions, via Anil Raghavan. For prelims-click here.

1)US Census of 1890: Earlier census used to take 7years. This was cut down to 3months by an invention by company. What/ Who?
Ans: Hollerith’s punching cards-IBM

2)Started by Italian brothers -part of the brand name means ‘rock’ in French

Ans: Ferrero Rocher

3)Visual of  an Indian- created which brand

Ans: Khambatta of Rasna

4)The icon created by artpaul got difft.connotation etc

Asn4: Playboy bunny

5)Some visual on Qr code
6)Connect on UB group-pegasus,kissan brandname etc
7)Connect q on Petronas-unheard of brands,with cesarpelli the architect
8)Question on clue round about Cathay Pacific.
8)q on clue abt st.gobain glass founder.manorama answered on first clue.would have really burned midnight oil on brand origin
9)Some retail funda tested in supermarkets by French company- Reynolds
10)Visual on Godiva brand


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