Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2010-Guwahati Finals

Galileo-devised instrument-prototype.. seismography

D Mehra-rupa

jigsaw puzzle..john

french co. eugene – loreal

2nd round
pic-priyanka chopra..with a guy.. not jack dorsey
ans twitter

tribute to MJ, year of birth and death

3rd Round-Tata
1st public monument-electrified
Taj hotel

tata steel + sail
Q’s on Tcs

Serve urself-

4th Round- Connect

one gram, one component, Song

levi strauss pic, Song

Logo, KILB, CEO Pic, Irrfan Khan song
Aegon Religare

Final round

pic- oscar troplovitz

denis compton,

hilton young commission

Tata Crucible 2010-Corporate-Quiz-Guwahati

Tata Crucible 2010-Corporate-Quiz-Guwahati

All together 62 teams took part for the 1st ever Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz in Guwahati on 09.09.2010

Winners: Syed Burhanur Rehman(Delhi)ย  and Manzilur Rahman (Guwahati Branch)ย  – Green Shield (NGO)

Runner Up: Rudra Deka & his partner from BHARTI AIRTEL

Other teams on stage- LIC, Vodafone, M&M, J.THOMAS

Few prelims qs

1) Who is India’s Pickle king

2) What does C in J.C Penny stand for?

3) Latin word for little tail

Ans1: Lakhubhai Pathak
Ans2: Cash
Ans3: Pencil

Find the updated review from Abhra Das

1.Recently which corporate house has started a campaign for promoting indian junior Tennis players ,their trainning etc Apollo Tyre

2.PIC- Identify the media baron-Ted Turner

3.Identify the car recently launched in india-Mahindra Xylo

4.pic-DDLJ FILM and identify the production house- Yashraj Films

5.pic of one executive from HERO motors – Pawan Munjal

6.More is the retail chain from which business house -A.Birla group

7.The official time keeper of olympics-Omega

8.if Invisible hand : Adam smithย  what is to chandler – visible hand

9.one question of negative Tv ad character that gave an positive impact in advertising a brand- ONIDA Devil 1982

10.Absolutely mangolesious -whose slogan -SLICE

11.which whisky brand has a name that gives a negative impact in indian lifestyle- TEACHERS

12.hoteliar recently came in to controversy-chatwal

13.founder of sandwich brand Subway

14.How is Brad’s drink better known as -pepsi

It was good mix of questions , i was one of the participants ( just missed the final by 1 points ,this is the 1st ever of Tata crucible Corporate Quiz here in Guwahati ,thanks to TBQ for helping with a great preparation.


Abhra Das

Chat with Lord Mani


Lord Mani

to me

show details 1:38 AM (4 minutes ago)
1:14 AM Lord: rocky
me: lord
Lord: results mile
me: nah
1:15 AM Lord: arre mujhe mile
me: de
will update the blog
Lord: abhi bhejta hoon
me: super cool
1:17 AM Lord: first syed burhanur rehman and partner
me: which company?
Lord: NGO ko represent kiya tha
1:18 AM me: ok
runners up…any other details?
1:19 AM Lord: finalis mein vodafone
bhi the
interesting baat
me: k
1:20 AM which all teams on stage?
1:22 AM Lord: ruk ja woh chat dhundh raha hoon
me: haan nikal
Lord: jis bande ko bheja tha
woh qualify nahin huwa
me: oh ok
Lord: complain kar raha tha
ki qsns workoutable nahin the
1:23 AM me: hmm
Lord: qsns kal subah update karke bhejenge
with a detailed review
woh bole
interesting baat yeh hai
ki burhanur is from delhi
the winner dat is
NGO ko represent kar sakte hai kya?
1:24 AM me: format is as such-that one partner has to be from that particular location
other partner can be frm anywhere
ximb proff too hv won frm a city
1:25 AM Lord: accha
me: hey
1:26 AM tu bhi part le le
delhi main
no fees reqd
just attend
Lord: yaar mujhe itna pata nahin hai business ka
me: to kya rey
go for the fun of it
1:30 AM Lord: 2 qsn samples 4m today
what is the latin word for little tail
20:30 how is india’s pickle king
1:31 AM me: comet?
Lord: *who is India’s pickle king
me: ruchi guy?
Lord: lakhubhai pathak
1:32 AM In the advertising retail world wht does c in J.C PENY STAND FOR
me: james cash
Lord: haan
saale tu toh bada khatarnaak hai be
me: ๐Ÿ™‚
Lord: ๐Ÿ™‚
mujhe nahin pata tha
jst knew lakhubhai
me: ๐Ÿ™‚
1:33 AM yeh aaj ke qs the crucible prelims?
Lord: haan
me: super..updating blog
Lord: airtel team had one Rudra Deka
there was an LIC team
represented by Subir Das
1:34 AM that team got -10 in the final
1:35 AM aur kuch updates milte
par I couldn’t take 3 calls
duty par tha
1:36 AM baad mein late ho gaya
me: no probs bhai
Lord: kal tak pakka se tujhe sab updates mil jayenge
me: super cool
Lord: ab tujhe apna profile bhejta hoon
1:37 AM me: good good
1:38 AM Lord: yeh dekh
My name: Manimugdha S. SharmaProfession: Journalist, currently working with The Indian Express, New Delhi.


1:39 AM me: super
mail kar mujhe
Lord: ok sorry
main excitement mein idhar hi paste kar gaya
me: ๐Ÿ™‚
1:40 AM Lord: bhej diya
me: chkin
1:42 AM Lord: haan ismein ek add hoga
RMLNLU, Lucknow
me: add kar ke -updated bhej

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