Flipkart Infinite Loop Quiz Answers

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. That was awesomeness. We never expected to have such huge amounts of participation.

Here are the answers. We shall declare winners in a day’s time.

Flipkart-Infinite-Loop-Online-Quiz – Answers

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Flipkart TBQ online quiz- Infinite Loop – Questions- Clues?

Flipkart  Presents- TBQ online quiz- Infinite Loop

Go Play: http://www.box.net/shared/rz5mip6af9qjpad2md77


Since many of you are seeking clues, here are some of them:

1 Don’t leave your kitchen. …. : Get into the kitchen. You will see this brand.

4 No. 4- His son owns a company which has a name of a game in its name 🙂

8 Their stores are even in India.

9 Unscramble “Enter rabble winner” to get the Person’s name (6,11)

Flipkart Infinite Loop Online Quiz – Questions

You may download the question set by clicking on the link below.

Rules & Regulations

  • This quiz is open for 7 days starting 7:30 pm 7th November 2011.
  • This is an individual event.
  • This event is open for all – students, self-employed, unemployed, employees of any organization etc.
  • You can submit any number of entries.
  • For clues, ask us on our Facebook wall or send an @ to our twitter handle
  • Answers can be submitted at http://j.mp/InfiniteLoopAnswers

Flipkart Infinite Loop Online Quiz