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TBQ Classic Sample #5

1) In the spring of 1846, Moses Yale Beach (1800-68), publisher of The New York Sun, established a pony express to deliver news of the Mexican War. His pony express carried dispatches ahead of the Great Southern Mail from Mobile to Montgomery, Alabama, where the mail coaches carried them 700 miles to the nearest telegraph point near Richmond, Virginia. In offering an equal interest in the express venture to the major New York City daily papers (four of whom accepted), Beach effectively organized this institution. Name it.

Ans: The Associated Press

2) The idea to form one company out of a union of various construction and engineering firms came from Harry Morrison of the Morrison-Knudsen construction firm of Boise, Idaho. Morrison had forged a profitable working relationship with Utah Construction and decided they, too, should be in on the Black Canyon — as it was called at the time — project. Added to the mix was Charlie Shea, a seat-of-the-pants builder of tunnels and sewers.
Half a million was just the amount Shea pledged toward the performance bond. Along with his colorful and boisterous personality, Shea possessed the necessary skills and connections to further the project. He enlisted the interest of the Pacific Bridge Company and Felix Kahn of the San Francisco firm, MacDonald and Kahn. Meanwhile, Harry Kaiser, an ambitious young road builder from Oakland, California, and his mentor Warren A. Bechtel, a powerful old-line San Francisco contractor had become interested in the project. Kaiser’s experience in the working world extended back to when he dropped out of school at age 11. The elder Bechtel had developed an admiration for Kaiser’s work ethic and drive. It was Bechtel who suggested that he and Kaiser join forces with the alliance being formed by Harry Morrison. Felix Kahn coined the name for this alliance.

It was constructed between 1931 and 1936 during the Great Depression, and was dedicated on September 30, 1935.
Name the structure and the alliance.

Ans: Hoovers Dam | Six Companies

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Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2010-Coimbatore Prelims

Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2010-Coimbatore Prelims via CQC

1.in 1932 which newspaper was started ,free press journal and the founder delivered the newspaers himself by van?-Indian Express
2.inventor of an improved stock printer?called the Universal STock printer?T.A.Edison
3.Which brand is associated with the tems “Thedapan”,hindi for crookedness?kurkure
4.Man of the 20 the century?by FICCI-Dhirubhai Ambani
5.full form of OLPC?one laptop per child
6.Which brands visiosn is “to organize the worls information and make it universally accessible and useful?-Google
7.who advocate the policy of Employee First customer second(ECFS) and the book was released by Harvard press?Vineet Nair [Edited]
8.Brand which deals with role reversal between man and monkeys?Alpenliebe
9.Captain Gopinaths Autobiography?Simplifly
10.A pharma giant with an APIS BULL in the logo and the largest producer of Insulin,two danish companies merger?Novo Nordisk
11.US army developed Multi Purpose wheeled Vehicle?Humvee
12.Which brand was used a germicidal during the plague?Lifebuoy
13.What product has the Bhavani region got a GI for?Jhamakalam / carpets/blankets
14.A photo shown of the evolution of World wildlife fund(WWF) logo?
15.Ananda Vikatan magazine mascot?? photo shown
16.photo of CTS President and CEo-Francisco d’souza was shown?
17.Ram Charan -management Guru ,author photo was shown?
18.Pontiac Logo shown
19.Vinai thaandi varuvaiya-movie still shown and distributor asked to identify?red Giant movies-udaynidhi stalin
20.Finger print shown and this newspaper is coming into coimbatore recently?Times of India.

Thanks, Ashok (Arul).


The Chennai Silks, Yogesh Pai and Arul Saravanan


Bureau Veritas : Kalai Selvam and P Saravanan

Tata Crucible 2010- Corporate Quiz- Ahmedabad

Complete Quiz questions- Courtesy: Samrat Mukherjee

Tata Crucible 2010 Corporate Quiz Ahmedabad

Winners: ITC-Anindya Sen

Runner Up: – Thermax
Other Teams on stage- IBM, Triton communication, Vodafone, Endeavour careers

Cut-off 11, Highest 14

1) Fundamental principal of any economic activity is that no man you transact with lose,then you will not.
This is from the work from the PM of Mauryan empire. Which book?

2) Gentically modified foods also called… It comes fromt he comic character , Victor____________

3) From French word for hook, velvet

4) Which French entrepreneur was the 1st to fit a pneumatic tyre to a motor car in 1895

5) Term used to describe neither bullish nor bear

6) What two words would connect “Much sort after enterprises which a bidder/also company wishes to acquire” connect to a

tower of london

7) Salary was original given to roman soldiers to buy what?

8) What in USA originally stretch from Trinity Church to east river

9) What was started by St Pranlal Denakaran naji

10) wHAT WORD did P&G drop from olay in 2000

11) Born in Sadalpur village, in Chiru district of Rajasthan, he is presidently non-exec dir of GS and ICICI bank, EADS.

12) 1938, while working with DU Pont, Roy Plunkett

13) Where would u find a circular annexe known as Rotunda, which was built in year 1992

14) World’s 1st collegiate business school, 1881, and is a brain child of Philadelphia entrepreneur.

15) Patented in 1906, this apparatus was originally intendede for machinery and industrial purposes. This person who patented

this, also defined the word cool.

16) Pic- R K Shanmugham chetti

17) David Ogilvy-pic

18) Tower kinda pic.. Ovi map from?

19) Producer of peepli live

20) Pic of a ship..sinking…Titanic is unshinkable.
Ad campaign by which insurance co.


1) Arthashastra, Chanakya

2) Frankenstein

3) Velcro

4) Michelin

5) Chicken

6) Crown Jewel

7) Salt

8) Wall street


10) Oil

11) L N Mittal

12) teflon

13) BSE

14) Wharton

15) carrier

18) Nokia

19) Aamir khan

20) Iffco tokyo


1) phrase-1800 in us which describes unscrpulous, product at attractrive price, but in reality it is not
Bait and switch

2) japaenese term which means money clique- used to describe 4companies, Kawasaki, Nomura..

3) In jan 2008, despite great resistance, they adopted Voleru Fuerte,..kind of inflation concurrent currency

4) Gold vending Machine, Abudhabi, German entrepreneur

Liquid bullion

5) Stride, 4 year old brand from cadbury..introduced a chewing gum stride shift. This
chewing gum was inspired by 1971 movie, willy wonka choclate factory.

flavour gets better..more u chew

6) Ludhiana based co.is the sole supplier of buns to MCds.

2nd round

1) Book cover- ‘Startup nation’ The story of ___________ economic miracle by Dan Senor and Saul Singer.
all was in blue… start up nation..above flag

2) Logo shown- old identity of BOB

3) small factory pic. Two brothers one location.

4) Pic shown. Street is named after him, which houses a famous building.
London stock exchange- St Nicholas Throb martin

5) Pic of Nandan Nilekani sitting with a person. What is happening here?
Head of LIC- Lic is providing the data base

6) Zain logo

3rd round- Tata

1)  Tata Sky’s Active English mainly aimed at housewives who feel uncomfortable talking in English is a partnership with?
British council

2)  Meri Dilli Meri Yamuna campaign initiated by the Art of Living Foundation to clean the ghats of Yamuna. Which co. behind it?

3) Poltrona Frau Group of Italy, Jv with Tata.. Furnishings

Casa Decor

4) Weathermaker- subsidiary of


1) preity zinta, deepika padukone, unity is our strength

2) Bipasha, Mahindra flyt

3) Dlf logo, pic, MEL,
IPL- pic sundar raman

4) Preity zinta, funda mint, club spice, force 10

1) Touring, softel, dyna, sportster

5% from iconic logo

1921, ridden by otto walker

Harley davidson

2)  11 sep 1961, founded in Morgus, in switzerland

WWF- fund

3)  Trick and Treat

Tata Sky’s Active English mainly aimed at housewives who feel uncomfortable talking in English is a partnership with?

Tata Crucible 2010-Corporate-Quiz-Jamshedpur

Tata Crucible 2010-Corporate-Quiz-Jamshedpur

Courtesy The official quizzing Club of BIT Mesra http://qbitmesra.blogspot.com

1) Which word in the current business world what is derived from latin for “patere” meaning to lay open?
2) Which retail giant is Asda in UK and Seiyu in japan?
3) The chairman of Mahindra and Mahindra landed up in trouble because of his association with Bhopal Gas Tragedy?
4) Logo of

5) Who according to forbes is the richest African American ?(hint:a lady from entertainment)
6) Which antiseptic cream was started by launched in 1929 in Kolkata by GOUMOHAN DUTTA a Bengali merchant?
7) Which organisation has the catchline “edge is efficiency”?
8) Signifies what

9) Who designed the logo MRF tyres?(very famous in advertising)
10) Amitabh Bachchan has lent his voices to many ads..(but its has always been sung by voice-likes).The first ad he sang was for a company in 2009.which company?
11) Which ketchup company had a tagline “weight watchers”?

He came up with a publishing house(with a cute name) and changed from hard bound covers to paper back.which company?
13) What resulted Maastricht treaty in the year 1992?
14) Which clothes brand often mistaken as an international brand actually is an INDIAN
Brand known as Charlie clothing company initially? Is publicised by the symbol K
15) Which calendar started in 1964 was brought as a sensational one by one of very famous tyre companies?(the tyre company even wanted to patent the smell of the tyre manufactured by it)
16) What is this a joint venture of Microsoft and HP called

17) Logo of google wave
18) Kamasutra is a 50:50 joint venture between 2 companies. One is J.K ANSELL pharmaceuticals.the other??
19) Which Indian online travel company started online holiday reservation packages with a DESIRE to bring people back home to India?
20) Photo of

1) Patent
2) Walmart
3) Keshubhai Mahindra
4) Samsonite
5) Oprah Winfrey
6) Boroline
7) BSE
8) Silk mark
9)Alyque Padamsee
10) Humani navratna tel
11) Heinz
12) Penguin publishing
13) Euro
14) Koutons
15) Pirelli
16) Slate
17) Logo of google wave
18) Raymonds
19) Aarzoo.com
20) Photo of C.B bhave

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2) It has come up with a new campaign, ‘Freedom to Touch’ to create awareness about its new hand sanitizer. To start the campaign in Mumbai, the ‘Freedom to Touch’ van was flagged off by actor Raveena Tandon and Dr Anjali Shetty, consultant microbiologist, Hinduja Hospital. Which company

3) Which company launched VFR1200F bike in India recently?

Ans1 : Paris Hilton

Ans2: Godrej Protekt

Ans3: Honda

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TBQ-Current Affairs-Sample-1

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