TBQ-Sitters Sample#2

1)This car was designed as communist East Germany’s answer to the people’s car-Volkswagen Beetle, and rolled off assembly lines in November 1957. The name meant “fellow traveler,” and was named in honor of the Soviet Union’s earth orbiting satellite “Sputnik,” which was launched the same year. Which brand ?

2) “Hydrate responsibly”. Which brand says this?

3) His production company was named The Malpaso Company, after a creek that ran through some property he had purchased in Carmel, California.
Malpaso is the Spanish word for “bad step” or “misstep”. When he agreed to take the role of the Man with No Name in the now classic “Dollars trilogy” his agent told him that it would be a “bad step” for his career. And so he chose this ironic name for his company. Who?

Ans1: Trabant
Ans2: Glacéau
Ans3: Clint Eastwood

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