Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2013 Ranchi Prelims

Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2013 Ranchi Prelims

Via Mr. SS PANDA & Sampad Mishra





1.This travel company opened its office in India in 1949.Later acquired by  Zurich based Kuoni Travel . How do we know this outbound travel Company ?Ans:SOTC

2.A stock market condition which is neither bullish nor bearish is known as ___.Ans:Chicken Market

3.Gmail as we know was earlier derived from another free service named after a cartoon character.Ans:Garfield.

4.Khuswant Singh wrote in 1970’s :”Soon little__ will be seen running  all over India ,from Kashmir to Kanyakumari etc.Ans:Maruti cars

5.Identify the Brand?




6.Trivia abou Jacquar bathroom fixtures. Old namr,promoter’s name given.Ans:Jacquar

7.Quote by Sam Walton given and was asked to identify him? Ans: Sam Walton

8.Latin for Pebble ,abacus,something dear to TinTin.modern name in Mathematicas.Ans:Calculus

9. Originally the company was to be called Pequod, after a whaling ship from Moby-Dick, but this name was rejected by some of the co-founders. The company was instead named after the chief mate on the Pequod, Ans:Starbucks

10. Identify the product from morphed photo? Ans:Duracell


11.First made by Vic Wills in 1961 for his newborn grandchild identify this brand of baby product now marketed by P&G.Ans:Pampers

12.Made by Stephanie Kwolek in 1971,this product  was  five times stronger than steel. finds wide application in security industries nowadays.Ans:Kevlar

13. We couldn’t improve the product so we improved the tube”,was the ad in 1908.Which product?Ans:Colgate

14.Expand PAN.Ans:Permanent account number.

15.She is worth $12.7bilion dollars,identify this lady from the world of business.



Ans:   Abigaile Johnson,Fidelity Investments


16.Roger Federer,Thiery Henry & Rahul Dravid endorsing a Product.Ans:Gillette

17. It is an investment position intended to offset potential losses/gains that may be incurred by a companion investment in Currency market.Ans:Hedge

18.What in the Indian Sports changed ownership from Deccan Chronicle to the Sun Netrwork last year.Ans:Deccan Chargers IPL team

20.This $75billion dollar corporate spilit into two parts.News Corp and ___.Ans:21ST Century Fox.

21.Who wrote the book-Outliers.



Ans:Malcom Gladwell

Written cutoff: 12.Highest:19(RSP)


S.S.PANDA ,BSc.Engg,ME,MBA,CFA is an Alumni of NIT,ROURKELA.


Past achievements: Winners:Tata Crucible Corporate At Ranchi:2013,2012,2011,BrandEquity,Kolkata Zone 2012:3rd, & Finalists at AIMA Quiz,East Zone 2012,2012,2011,Runners up SAIL Udaan QUIZ 2012,Jt.Winner Kolkata Quizzing Festival 2012.

Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2013 Guwahati Finals

Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2013 Guwahati Finals

Via Kapinjal Chowdhury


1.  This kind of tax existed in 18th and 19th century and introduced in 1696 under William 3 because of the fact that people have more number of ventilation in their house and thus tax was levied. What?

Answer- Window Tax.

2.  Which English word derived from the adjective ‘To form or gather into a mass or whole’?

Answer- Conglomerate

3. In the early 1900’s , exactly in 1907 ________ created in Gujrat by the Gandhi family. 2 years agothis was in news for a character Ranchod Gandhi and they used have a specialisation in fountain company. Fill in.

Answer- Vadilal Icecreams.

4. According to the trademark, it is defined as a means of scratch or group around to find, collect and put together. What?

Answer- Scrabble.

5. Famous car launched by this gigantic corporation means ‘sport of the kings’ that shared it’s name with a famous confectionary brand.

Answer- Polo.

6. Nencn Kona was the first officially allowed commercial from US to USSR. What?

Answer- Pepsi Cola.




1. Old logo of ICICI bank

2.  Which company uses this image on their logo?


Answer- Texas Instruments . ( only company to use a flag in it’s logo)

3.  ID her who recently been into a retail hospitality venture.



Answer- Shruti Shibulal daughter of S. D Shibulal of Infosys . she is into Tamara real estate holdings.

4.  ID this Indian Ad guru.



Answer- Sam Balsara

5.  Name the Indian.


Answer- Satyajit Ray


Which company in news wrt India?


Answer- POSCO steel, region is Pohang in south korea.



1. If F.C Kohli was the first to be choosen by JRD Tata, who was the second?

Answer – Nani paikekar. 2nd ceo of TCS.

2. which Tata company funded lifeline Express ?

Answer- Voltas.

3. Which TATA Brand gets it’s name from “is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium  and other ionized gases?

Answer- NEBULA from Titan.

4. Which TATA company launched ‘Ecoplus ‘ which is Acrylic Distemper  water based,interior finish.

Answer- TATA pigments.


Lateral Connection


1. Mastricht treaty, flaf of EU, the person behind the whole concept

Answer- EURO

2.  NDTV, pic of siddharth varadarajan, G subramanium iyer

Answer- the Hindu

3.  pic of dove, Darwin, python and issac newton

Answer- Apple.

4. Maxtor, STX, Logo of Seagate, founder of Seagate

Answer- Seagate


Last round

1.  Little People, Laugh & Learn, Imaginext, Loving family. Brands of which MNC?

Answer- Fisher price.

2. GritGuts and Gumption: Driving change in a state-owned giant is a book written by Rajesh Chakrabarti.

Which Indian Bank?

Answer- SBI.

3.  The power of an Idea by Paul chutkow is described as the story of which untold company formed in America?

Answer- VISA.


Kapinjal  Chowdhury  graduated this year from Assam Engineering College, Guwahati and presently stays at Hyderabad. He is an avid quizzer and along with his twin kamanasish won several quizzes across the state and the country. He is the founder of ASSAM QUIZ ASSOCIATION and writes a quiz blog namely aecqfactor.com which is the first quizblog from northeast, India!


Tata Crucible 2012 Corporate Mumbai Round- Finals

Tata Crucible 2012 Corporate Mumbai Round- Finals

Tata Track

Round # 1

1) In 2011 this co won the “L –Prize” which is the Noble prize equivalent in the field of energy conversation etc awarded by the US Dept of Energy …PHILIPS

2) UNESCO in Pakistan + NOKIA =E-talim (similar to what Idea cellular did in India)

3) In 1997, strategic merger between Mc Donald Douglas +Boeing

4) In the news this year, which giant tried to trade mark the 4 letter word ‘SOCL’-Microsoft

5) Bhilwara’s product-Mayur

6) Fusion hydra gel-GILLETTE

7) Machine technology by DOLCE GUSTO –Nescafe

Round # 2 (visuals)
1) What is Claytronics ?

2) Pic of Elihayu M Goldrath

3) KOLEOS patented by- Renault

4) Shiv Khera’a trademark :SK

5) Tracks & Records :Usain Bolt

6) Unlimited –the view is worth fighting for :Maharashtra tourism

Round # 3
1) Peruvian co AJILE –Big Cola

2) Long Island Boat Co- Billy Joel

3) I-Gate +Rio Tinto =Mine of the future program (hint was :Mumbai based IT co was recently acquired by this co)

4) Reliance foundation –Reliance drishti (magazine for the blind)

Round # 4 (connect question types round)
1) HUL products

2) VB, Carlton dry, Bulmers – Fosters

3) TVS group

4) Living media

Round #5
1) FICCI (GD Birla, Purshottam Thakur ..suggested by MK Gandhi)

2) Accenture (Arthur Andersen etc)

3) Pranab Mukherjee (Desher Dak was the 1st clue)

Tie breaker question for 2nd spot: Which co on entering India has positioned itself as the “Third place”?
Starbucks coffee

External track

Round # 1

1) Wallonia city council ad in the 1980s had him as a spokesperson telling investors that this was 1 place in Europe which reminded him of America : Neil Armstrong

2) Pic of Sayaji Rao Gaikwad –Bank of Baroda

3) “Cricket brought us to India much before business did”,this hit the headlines soon after India’s WC 2011 win-AUDI

4) Logo of Shubh Griha

5) Logo of GroupO Cars..who owns this co – Carlos Slim Helu

6) Martha Washington’s unique distinction as 1st lady of USA –only woman to have featured in the American currency note

7) Connect : Bill & Melinda gates foundation, Coca Cola ad in the background, Wharton Business School, The giving pledge : Warren Buffet

8) Pearson education sued this co in 2006 which resulted in the Indian co to change its name .What? Orient Longman became Orient Black swan

9) Who is working to retrieve Apollo 11 moon mission engines that plunged into the ocean decades ago? Jeff Bezos

10) Brian Luff –novel-Sex on legs –science fiction thriller –Audible Corporation:World’s 1st Audio book

11) AIA logo

12) US based brand “destination maternity” in India:Mom & Me by Mahindra & Mahindra

13) OV Bundellu –Apr’1993 , IDBI, Canara Bank and SBI are stake holders :CARE ratings

Round # 2

1) CASA D’cor (Poltrona Faus)

2) Connect :UNISON, London Olympic 2012, Thomson Houston :GE

3) Quesn on T20 WC logo , the modern spin designed by Witekite.

4) TATA Ises..what does ISES stand for?

5)Connect : AT&T, Axiata, pic of BK Modi, Song featuring Big B: Idea cellular

6) Pic of Lucy Koh (judge for Samsung –Apple fight)

7)Lodestone Management co logo ,acquired by :Infosys

8) Connect question on ABC (American Broadcasting Corporation)

Round # 3

1) started in 1994, Sakinaka Mumbai ,owned by Speciality Restaurants group :Mainlaind China

2) Quesn on DIABLO

3) Quesn on LOTTO (owners :Treviso football club)

Tata Crucible Corporate Coimbatore 2012 – Finals

Tata Crucible Corporate Coimbatore 2012 – Finals

Courtesy: Sethu Madhavan


Who gave Lance Armstrong his first contract?



Eva Air, A Taiwanese Air Company has come up with themed aircrafts based on which character.

Hello Kitty


Visuals – landmark Founder – Tata Group

From whom did Adidas buy its 3 stripes logo?


Visual – Lavanya Nalli

What kind of product is Flavouritz from Tata Chemicals?



Harry Beck is known for his circuit diagrams. What did he do in 1931 that is still in existence and is used even today?

London underground map (London Tube)


Connect – Pernord Ricard Logo – Dupont Logo – Visual of Founder – Pic of Universal Studio (Not sure)?



Connect – Heineken Founder – UEFA?


Anjali Tendulkar and Arti Sehwag have stake in which Chennai based venture?

Sports Mechanix – Kris Srikanth

Air Baltics – Seat Buddy – June 2012?

Book flight Seats based on seeing who is your neighbour – Air networking – FB

Connect on NYSE – Broad Street etc…?


Who has launched Internet TV channel named Yuva?



Andre Cassagnes designed it with a Joystick and called it telecran and later it was perfected by the Ohio Art company

Etch A Sketch


Connect on Davidoff – Founder – Coty—etc.

“Yoyodine” – who owns?

Seth Godin


“Kavach” for Truck drivers by the Tata rural development Corp



UEFA 2004 euro championship cup Mascot Creator?

Warner Bros


Pilani Soft Labs – Boss and Seat Seller?

Red Bus


Semtex Girls / Raising Malawi / Truth or Dare


Tata Crucible 2012 Corporate Coimbatore Prelims

Tata Crucible 2012 Corporate Coimbatore Prelims

Courtesy: Sethu Madhavan

Miles Young replaced Shely Lazarus as Chairman of which Ad Agency


Whose Consumer Connect Program is called Amazing Anjali?


The Rockefeller lifetime Achievement Award for 2012 has been given to which Indian

Ratan Tata

Who has been appointed Chairman of the US India Business Council?

  1. Azim Premji
  2. Vinita Bali
  3. C.      Ajay Banga


Simpsons Visual ID the real life Business Personality

Hugh Hefner


Who was the Managing director of NSE who had passed away recently?

RH Patel


The Most powerful Supercomputer in the world manufactured by IBM



1996 This business man turned Prime Minister’s GSM services had the maximum subscriber base in his country who?

Takshin Shinawatra


What was founded by Grandhi Mallikarjun Rao?



Visual of Lillian Bettencourt: L’Oreal


Who is behind Ausbridge, Kriya FMCG, and Chess Management Services?

Karthik Chidambaram


In 1953 this Indian Businessman gave 40,000 rs to R C Majumder to invest in publishing books since he was passionate about reading. Who?

G D Birla


If Saffron is the most expensive spice which is the second most expensive?



NDTV has tied up with which Global brand for Support my School Initiative

Coca Cola

Print Ad of RMKV Saree. Jothika

In 1730 a future contract for which commodity had been laid out at the Dojima Exchange



It is Latin for Folded paper. It usually given either folded or rolled. what?



Armand Kosman and Franz Weis founded this Co and named it after Daniel’s surname. They are into glass cutting.



Which Retail outlet gives you blue light specials? Highlighting important products and offers.

K Mart


Visual Autobiography of Steve Jobs


It comes from the Latin verb Mittire meaning “To Send”. Nations spend a huge amount of money to manufacture these.

Clue: Gandhi would be happy if they stop producing these



It was initially manufactured by the British drug house to cure bed sores it was later acquired by glaxo in 1968.



What in India is owned by the Mendoza Family?

Clue: Eye Care

Lawrence and Mayo


World’s most Powerful Mom?

Hillary Clinton


Mastek Logo



Tata Crucible Corporate Hyderabad 2012 – Finals

Tata Crucible Corporate Hyderabad 2012 – External Track Finals

  1. A Korean war veteran, but more famous in the world of aviation, he was on the corporate board of Cincinnatigas,Marathonoil,United airlines etc. Which famous American in the headlines recently?—Neil Armstrong had died the previous day
  2. Which company’s famous campaign “ Once you pop, the fun does not stop”-Pringles
  3. Joint venture of Tata Metalics+X+metal one in 2207 to make ductile pig iron pipes. He gave seven options. Answer—KUBOTA
  4. It is a mass media communication company based in San Antonio and its name is derived from a phenomena in radio broadcasting where one frequency is used for a single entity only?- Clear channel communication
  5. Tata communication and IPsoft have started FAS program detection. What is FAS?- False answer supervision and detection
  6. Alfred Edwards and Herbert kiplin ofNottinghamstarted this an it has become a huge entity and is in kind of entertainment business?- A C Milan
  7. Luxury creation by Tata motors-Unforgettable journey experience- in Bus category. What is the brand name?-DIVO
  8.  Cross and Blackwell bought this formula from Major grye ofBengallancers and popularised it is western world. A restaurant inHyderabadrecently sued cross and Blackwell for having the same trademark?—Chutney’s
  9. It has education and e-learning tools named after bollywood stars like Ash,Bipasha,Diya. It has been bought over by another huge entity  recently?—Slideshare.com bought out by linkedin.com
  10. They originally daffled with the name Quantum solutions and created a product called Q-link—Americaonline
  11. This is the 21st century version of this brand and is called Amberoid. Which iconic Indian brand?- Ambassador
  12. Chaze mobiles have hired whom as their brand ambassador?- Sunny leone
  13. Pic of sheena iyengar, professor at Columbiabusiness school
  14. Tailor made Indian startup logo
  15. Logo of 2012-UN international year of co-operatives
  16. Some book cover. Described it as  a book on a famousbrazilentrepreneur?-Eike batista
  17. Intel+ khosla ka ghosla +a co founder pic—Yatra.com
  18. Airtel + Mr. Potato+ red cafe+ Malcolm glazer—Manchesterunited
  19. Shinogi & co.+ Novartis +Salman khan—Ranbaxy
  20. Ducati+ radio +DKW Horsche—AUDI
  21. This brand started Lipstick evangelism in Africa-a four lettered brand—AVON
  22. VIC mills made this—P&G have made $10bn out of this available in every supermarket—Pampers
  23.  Kochouseph Chittilappilly started this by taking Rs. 1 lac from his father—V-guard industries

Tata Crucible 2012 Corporate Hyderabad Prelims

Tata Crucible 2012 Corporate Hyderabad Prelims

Courtesy: A fellow Quizzer from Kolkata

  1. Which co. Owns Streax hair color and Super vasmol 33?—Hygiene Research lab
  2. Which co-founder of facebook gave up his U.S citizenship and moved toSingapore?- Eduardo Saverin
  3. “Beauty that counts” and “Global month of service” are the social initiatives of which cosmetic major?— Mary Kay
  4. “The boom and not the slump is the right time for austerity”. Which famous economist said this. Hint: He has a line of economics named after him.?—John Keynes
  5. Old logo of Allen solly
  6. Which IPL sponsor and maker of sporting goods created “Rock n royals” and “Electric chargers” comics?- PUMA
  7. Much before movie theatres used air conditioning for comfort which other profession was the first one to use air conditioning and it was meant to prevent ink from solidifying?- Printing press/Publishing house
  8. This apparel has its roots in the French word meaning “Upper arm” and it appeared in the Vogue magazine for the first time in 1907?—Brassiere or Bra
  9. When Elizabeth Taylor married Nikky Hilton in 1950, whichHollywoodstudio paid for the wedding?—MGM
  10. Pic of John Schnatter?- Which pizza co. He founded?—PAPA  JOHN’s
  11. Launched by Nico Roozen and Frans van der hoof  in 1988. They named it Max Havelaar. The initiative offered disadvantaged coffee producers following various social and environmental standards a fair price, significantly above the market price, for their crop. What label started thus?- Fairtrade label
  12. This govt. OfIndiadept was started by East India company to study and explore availability of coals in the eastern parts ofIndia?- Geological survey ofIndia
  13. This town in Andhra Pradesh gets its name from two tamil words and is home to nutrine confectioneries?- Chittoor
  14. This is the largest river inGoaand the name is used in many businesses but the prominent being a cement company and a fertiliser company?- Zuari
  15. Internet protocol version 6 logo
  16. On 11 March,1774 Samuel baker Samuel Baker presided over the disposal of “several hundred scarce and valuable” books from the library of Rt Hon Sir John Stanley Bt., of Alderley. What started thus?-Sotheby’s
  17. Pattabhi sitaramaya a famous freedom fighter from Andhra Pradesh started this institution now owned a by Govt ofindia?-Andhra bank
  18. An ad agency founded by Harrison and Alfred and as old as 1902. Its name is often confused with a telecom co., a manufacturer of mobile phones?- McCann Erickson
  19. Lyon coffee- whichHollywoodactor created this brand and owns 100% of it?- Leonardo di caprio
  20. Manikchand group logo
  21. The lost bank book my Kirsten grind is basically about how the business of mutual funds fell thru during the 2008-09 economic crisis leading to the downfall of this huge baking entity. Which organization is the book based on?-Washingtonmutual
  22. This airlines company inUSAthrough its subsidiaryMonroeenergy acquired a refiney and created headlines for its wide range of diversification?- Delta airlines
  23. Planetary Resources, Inc. Is a company started in 2010 stated goal is to “expand Earth’s  natural resource base” by developing and deploying the technologies for asteroid mining. Which famous duo are the prominent investors in this co.?-Larry page and Sergey Brin
  24. It started as  a project betn American airlines and IBM for automation of airlines ticket booking. Which famous ticket booking software?-SABER
  25. Go babelicious ad campaign? Which brand?—TVS scooty

Tata Crucible 2012 Corporate Mumbai Prelims

Tata Crucible 2012 Corporate Mumbai Prelims

Courtesy: Samrat Mukherjee & Pratik Pandey

1)     This word derives itself from American military origins to Japanese squad leaders using this word. It means group leader or squad leader in Japanese and is used extensively in business with a change in pronunciation. What is the good word?




3)      Restaurant “ANJAPPAR” in Chennai received a donation of 501/- for its 1st outlet in Royalpeth  in 1964 from which famous personality :Dr.MGR

4)      Quesn on Sabri jal (hint : he said the festival/pilgrimage starts today on 16th Sept and as an environment friendly exercise the state govt will give Rs 2/- to each individual who’ll return the bottle)

5)      Book cover ‘Fault Line’ by Raghuram Rajan

6)      Painter Paresh Maity will design the packaging of this co based on the heritage of Wes Bengal.. ITC

7)      James Dewar was a famous Scottish physicist and chemist. He worked extensively in the field of liquefaction of gases. He contested a lawsuit patenting an invention with a German Company and lost the case. It was a generalized trademark such as XXerox for photocopying. Name the company to whom he lost the lawsuit? 


8)     This famous tagline was penned when the advertising agency’s founder asked the Co’s management team ‘Why should someone use your services?’ this famous tagline was replaced after 50 years with ‘Its Your Space’ Which tagline?


9)     Ebrahim Currim and Sons claim to have taught Indians to use this after switching from old ones made out of palm leaves. They first started selling this product in 1860s – first as agents and later set up their own factories. The distinctive deer logo was chosen as it was a swift and elegant animal. What brand was thus started?


10)   Print ad on Hotwheels  (hint : this has no age)

11)   Nirmal Lifetsyle has come out with sports lifestyle apartments :US Open apartments

12)   Originally manufactured underwear , endorsed by Bjorn Borg :FILA

13)   This patent is entitled ‘Systems and Methods for enticing users to a web site. The abstract states the patent is for invention of periodically changing story line to entice users to access a web page. What? (Hint: Something that has derived inspiration from Amul Hoardings – Creativity with Topicality)

 Google doodle

14)  Which newspaper was founded in 1868 to defend the cause of the peasants fighting the owners of the indigo plantations. It was closed in 1990 due to labour unrest.

Amrit Bazaar Patrika

15)   ‘One Watt Campaign’ or ‘Lets save a Billion Watts’ is a national consumer connect initiative to make people aware about energy conservation and going green. It was launched by which company?


16)   Reddit logo

17)   Voltas, at one point of time was setting up a consumer products group and a programme to market and nurture small Indian Companies. One of its early launches was a certain brand for whom Voltas put Vinita Bali in charge. The brand became a market leader in its own category and created some of the most endearing ads of the 80s. Which brand are we talking about? (Hint: It has captivated all of us in our Summer vacations.)


18)   Shalimar paints logo

19)  Patented in 1906, this ‘apparatus’ was originally intended for machines and industrial processes rather than people and its inventor practically defined them as cool. What are we talking about?

Air conditioning

20)   Sameer Manchanda is the lion in this business , what is his co’ name ? DEN Network

21)   Airavat Volvo buses :Karnataka

22)   Established in 1962 in collaboration with Corning Glass works USA, today they are the market leaders for laboratory glassware and microwaveable kitchenware in India. Name the Company?


23)   Save Money, Live better :Walmart campaign

24)   Ruchi  pickles manufactured by :Cavin Kare

25)   certificate was shown : hallmark of environmentally sensitive certified hotels .what?



Tata Crucible Corporate Bangalore 2012 – External Track Finals

External Track

1) 2010 Google – Social Network – Wave
2) Bowtie+ Louis Chevrolet pic + + = Chevrolet
3) Village Soda in Rajasthan in news for = Chavvi ajawat, MBA Sarpanch
4) TACO funda
5) Ghadi detergent founder pic
6) Amazon tie up in India for Kindle with CROMA
7) London 2012- Many kiosks pic – Mobile toilets
8) Vision statement read out of Mahindra RISE
9) Cincom, Compaq logo, Dark Knight video = Citizen
10) 1964 Tokyo Olympics – Bullet Train
11) 1917 Japan – World’s largest plumbing products manufacturer = Toto
12) Meeting rooms in a tech company pics shown – (Could not get the answer)

1) Ray + Kesavan connect
2) Pucci SRL + Tata = Grazziella Shoes
3) Dating site for mactards = Cupidtino
4) M&M Quanto on this platform = Xylo/Ingenio
5) Maria Sebregondi quote = Moleskin Notebooks
6) Travelport+Accor+ + = Interglobe/Indigo
7) Sergio Tachini photo
8) Tanishq recently brought out a coin to honor MS Subbalakshmi

1) Narayan Rao 1982 – Corner House Ice cream
2) 1908- British, and then Dr. MN Mahadevan – CASH Pharmacy
3) SNS Rao, 1968 – Airlines Hotel

Tata Crucible Corporate Bangalore 2012 – Tata Track Finals


aaaTata Track
Audience: VAIO’s old name

1) Bajaj Tempo – Force Motors
2) Chronographically certified – Rolex
3) Yes Bank founders
4) Only sporting venue in India to be named after a corporate GM(?) – Keenan, Jamshedpur
5) DNA = ___+ Dainik Bhaskar | Essel
6) Steve Jobs quote – Dell make it by being ___, we make it by innovation – WALMART

1) Print ad – Mountain Dew
2) An idea of the nation renewed – book- Nilekani
3) BLR One logo
4) Firefox cycle logo
5) ‘The idiotical’ – online identity of Mad Magazine
6) Currency notes dedicated to animals – South Africa

1) “In touch with your time” – Tissot
2) ” Fall in love in 4.4 seconds” – Mercedes Benz
3) Lava Solo X 900 (?) phone in collaboration with INTEL
4) Undercover Economist by TIM HARFORD

1) PSA (port), Airtel, NIB Bank = Temasek
2) Some Man City connect question
3) Raxa, Male Airport, Solar Tropic- GMR Group
4) Murugappa companies’ logos

1) Over & More in French – SURPLUS
2) Fay Miss Lingerie – Wonderbra
3) Jayprakash Gaur = Jaypee Group