TATA Crucible Corporate Quiz 2013 Chennai Finals (TATA Track)

TATA Crucible Corporate Quiz 2013 Chennai Finals (TATA Track)

Via Madanish Kanna


  1. Symbol for a brand.. – called omni – etc etc – KAPPA
  2. Highly caffeinated – citrus taste – coke – march 1979.. competition to mt dew. à MELLOW YELLOW
  3. Film co owned by disney. .—etc – MIRAMAX
  4. Internet magazine – unique list – franchise 500 – the entrepreneur
  5. What change did BJP change in the budget from british raj  – timing of the budget

2nd round

  1. VIRGIN airline – remembrance of steve jobs.. blanked out what – STAY HUNGRY STAY FOOLISH
  2. Ancient characters named yahoo – pic
  3. J Mehta – pic.. ID
  5. Roney jesus print ad – nike
  6. Pic – jeff taylor – monster.com

3rd round

  1. TCS – CBFL – adult literacy
  3. Hotel used same as SANOI – TAJ kunnur
  4. Quite supplier of crockery to rastrapathi bhavan – tata ceramics

4th round

  1. Irene Rosenfeld – Kraft
  2. Fist full of rice – vikram akula
  3. ChineseYuan bond – DIMSUM
  4. Thanda matlab cocola – Prasoon Joshi

5th round

  1. Delivering lifestyle – rocket entertainment – jabong
  2. Worked for CIA &  NASA –Snowden
  3. Willaim Rosenberg – Dunkin donuts

Tata Crucible Corporate Bangalore 2012 – Tata Track Finals


aaaTata Track
Audience: VAIO’s old name

1) Bajaj Tempo – Force Motors
2) Chronographically certified – Rolex
3) Yes Bank founders
4) Only sporting venue in India to be named after a corporate GM(?) – Keenan, Jamshedpur
5) DNA = ___+ Dainik Bhaskar | Essel
6) Steve Jobs quote – Dell make it by being ___, we make it by innovation – WALMART

1) Print ad – Mountain Dew
2) An idea of the nation renewed – book- Nilekani
3) BLR One logo
4) Firefox cycle logo
5) ‘The idiotical’ – online identity of Mad Magazine
6) Currency notes dedicated to animals – South Africa

1) “In touch with your time” – Tissot
2) ” Fall in love in 4.4 seconds” – Mercedes Benz
3) Lava Solo X 900 (?) phone in collaboration with INTEL
4) Undercover Economist by TIM HARFORD

1) PSA (port), Airtel, NIB Bank = Temasek
2) Some Man City connect question
3) Raxa, Male Airport, Solar Tropic- GMR Group
4) Murugappa companies’ logos

1) Over & More in French – SURPLUS
2) Fay Miss Lingerie – Wonderbra
3) Jayprakash Gaur = Jaypee Group

Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2011 – Pune Finals (Tata Track)

Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2011 – Pune Finals (Tata Track) via Samrat Mukherjee

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1)      Currency of Ghana : CEDI

2)      Hear Music :Starbucks

3)      Mexico’s only exchange:BOLSA

4)      Writing pioneer ,subsidiary of New Well rubber :Waterman

5)      Originally formed Huff Deland Dusters :DELTA

6)      Walmart ticker in Mexico :WALMEX


1)      Logo of photosynth from Microsoft

2)      Cover page of Yog sandesh magazine :Baba ramdev

3)      Paul the octopus app pic

4)      Lava handset significance :Indian rupee symbol

5)      PETA campaign with pic of Selvio Burloscini which says “Too much sex can be a bad thing”.

6)      Nintendo’s print ad with cards


1)      Connect –Kawasaki,KTM,Mahindra,Bajaj

2)      Connect with all GSK products

3)      Connect with all IBM products

4)      Connect with all Marico products

4th round was just too easy…choose the wrong statement from 3 statements given

1)      Imagining India by Nandan Nilekani

2)      Quesn on LEEDS

3)      Airbags –GM concept

4)      1st male model for Christian Dior :Zinadine Zidane

5)      Rodeo scooter brand :Mahindra


National Finals- Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2011- Tata Track

National Finals Tata Crucible 2011- Tata Track

Winners: JK & Sreekanth

1) TBWA Egypt..came up with this idea… to spread the message of rebuilding Egypt..Which brand was behind the campaign?

 2) In 2000… permanent internet connection… founded by Dries Buytaert… Dutch word for ‘Drop’. Which website?

3) 2002…Anirudh Bulwaka…manufacturing facility, Gujarat…2005-Trucks, Dentors. Which company?

4) It is a world leader in sports collectibles…Cricketatax..which company?

5) An alumni of Yale University, USA, he has also to his credit designing of such striking logos as of the Indian Airlines, ECIL, Airports Authority of India, Trade Fair Authority of India (Now ITPO), Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) to name but a few. Who?

 6) In 2001, The Sun, a British tabloid newspaper reported that Queen Elizabeth II has this in her bathroom that wears an inflatable crown. It was spotted by a workman who was repainting her bathroom. The story prompted sales of it in the United Kingdom to increase by 80% for a short period.What?

7) Hindi Term… Economist… What?

8) What’s TAC in Motorola’s dynaTAC

1) Henkel Bril- To clean the city walls etc

2) Drupal

3) AMW

4) Topps…based on IPL…Cricketattax

5) Shri Binoy Sarkar

6) rubber duck

7) Jugaad

8) Total Area Coverage

 Round 2

1) Pic of Two guys…A term coined by them

2) What innovation by Pizza hut? http://goo.gl/LX7Xv

3) Who? http://goo.gl/4xDBU

4) Logo- MW

5) Pic Govinda restaurants

6) Pic Blue Box

7) Pic..Hitler, Bin laden, Zarqawi, Saddam & 2 founders

8) Graph- What is it? http://goo.gl/xdc2E


1) Business Process reengineering- Michael hammer, James Champy

2) Reverse count down timer on the box .. People behind thebike know how much time left for the delivery person to do his job

3) Gabriela Sabattini

4) Miss World


6) Tiffany’s

7) Time Magazine… only time when they have featured people with a “X” mark

8) Gartner Hype Cycle

Round 3- TATA

1) Logo… Powerfly- JV with capt Gopinath

2) Logo..offering from Taj- Jeeva Spa

3) Pic of a car- Tata Pixel

4) Riversdale- Tata sold the stakes to? Rio Tinto

 Round 4- Connect

1) Golden harvests, Divine Chants, Conversations, Amitabh Song

2) Pics- Stefi Graf, Gorbachev, James Bond Song

 3) DTC, Twist and Turns,  ‘for a special togetherness’

4) Astro, Amul, Song -Ek Do Teen (Madhuri)


1) Tanishq

2) LVMH (Sean Connery)

3) Gitanjali ( mehul Choksy’s Pic)

4) Food Show


1) BIL- Bhor Industries…1943 making Army … sold this to Pidilite

2) Book “Humankind’ by which ad agency’s  CEO?

3) Mocha & CCD- have a drink called Twister. Speciality?

4) TASIS on BSE- What?

5) Symonds Steven (??) invented this. What?


1) Steelgrip

2) Leo Burnett -Tom Bernardin

3) Colour of drink changes- AXE

4) Shariat compliaint

 5) Balance Sheet