Tata Crucible 2010-Corporate-Quiz-Guwahati

Tata Crucible 2010-Corporate-Quiz-Guwahati

All together 62 teams took part for the 1st ever Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz in Guwahati on 09.09.2010

Winners: Syed Burhanur Rehman(Delhi)  and Manzilur Rahman (Guwahati Branch)  – Green Shield (NGO)

Runner Up: Rudra Deka & his partner from BHARTI AIRTEL

Other teams on stage- LIC, Vodafone, M&M, J.THOMAS

Few prelims qs

1) Who is India’s Pickle king

2) What does C in J.C Penny stand for?

3) Latin word for little tail

Ans1: Lakhubhai Pathak
Ans2: Cash
Ans3: Pencil

Find the updated review from Abhra Das

1.Recently which corporate house has started a campaign for promoting indian junior Tennis players ,their trainning etc Apollo Tyre

2.PIC- Identify the media baron-Ted Turner

3.Identify the car recently launched in india-Mahindra Xylo

4.pic-DDLJ FILM and identify the production house- Yashraj Films

5.pic of one executive from HERO motors – Pawan Munjal

6.More is the retail chain from which business house -A.Birla group

7.The official time keeper of olympics-Omega

8.if Invisible hand : Adam smith  what is to chandler – visible hand

9.one question of negative Tv ad character that gave an positive impact in advertising a brand- ONIDA Devil 1982

10.Absolutely mangolesious -whose slogan -SLICE

11.which whisky brand has a name that gives a negative impact in indian lifestyle- TEACHERS

12.hoteliar recently came in to controversy-chatwal

13.founder of sandwich brand Subway

14.How is Brad’s drink better known as -pepsi

It was good mix of questions , i was one of the participants ( just missed the final by 1 points ,this is the 1st ever of Tata crucible Corporate Quiz here in Guwahati ,thanks to TBQ for helping with a great preparation.


Abhra Das

Chat with Lord Mani


Lord Mani

to me

show details 1:38 AM (4 minutes ago)
1:14 AM Lord: rocky
me: lord
Lord: results mile
me: nah
1:15 AM Lord: arre mujhe mile
me: de
will update the blog
Lord: abhi bhejta hoon
me: super cool
1:17 AM Lord: first syed burhanur rehman and partner
me: which company?
Lord: NGO ko represent kiya tha
1:18 AM me: ok
runners up…any other details?
1:19 AM Lord: finalis mein vodafone
bhi the
interesting baat
me: k
1:20 AM which all teams on stage?
1:22 AM Lord: ruk ja woh chat dhundh raha hoon
me: haan nikal
Lord: jis bande ko bheja tha
woh qualify nahin huwa
me: oh ok
Lord: complain kar raha tha
ki qsns workoutable nahin the
1:23 AM me: hmm
Lord: qsns kal subah update karke bhejenge
with a detailed review
woh bole
interesting baat yeh hai
ki burhanur is from delhi
the winner dat is
NGO ko represent kar sakte hai kya?
1:24 AM me: format is as such-that one partner has to be from that particular location
other partner can be frm anywhere
ximb proff too hv won frm a city
1:25 AM Lord: accha
me: hey
1:26 AM tu bhi part le le
delhi main
no fees reqd
just attend
Lord: yaar mujhe itna pata nahin hai business ka
me: to kya rey
go for the fun of it
1:30 AM Lord: 2 qsn samples 4m today
what is the latin word for little tail
20:30 how is india’s pickle king
1:31 AM me: comet?
Lord: *who is India’s pickle king
me: ruchi guy?
Lord: lakhubhai pathak
1:32 AM In the advertising retail world wht does c in J.C PENY STAND FOR
me: james cash
Lord: haan
saale tu toh bada khatarnaak hai be
me: 🙂
Lord: 🙂
mujhe nahin pata tha
jst knew lakhubhai
me: 🙂
1:33 AM yeh aaj ke qs the crucible prelims?
Lord: haan
me: super..updating blog
Lord: airtel team had one Rudra Deka
there was an LIC team
represented by Subir Das
1:34 AM that team got -10 in the final
1:35 AM aur kuch updates milte
par I couldn’t take 3 calls
duty par tha
1:36 AM baad mein late ho gaya
me: no probs bhai
Lord: kal tak pakka se tujhe sab updates mil jayenge
me: super cool
Lord: ab tujhe apna profile bhejta hoon
1:37 AM me: good good
1:38 AM Lord: yeh dekh
My name: Manimugdha S. SharmaProfession: Journalist, currently working with The Indian Express, New Delhi.


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Tata Crucible Kolkata Corporate 2010 Prelims

Tata Crucible Kolkata Corporate 2010

Winners: Telegraph

Runner Up-CTS

Other teams- Salwa resources, West Bengal state electricity, ITC, HSBC

Tata Internal

Winners: MetalJunction

Q’s will be updated soon

1) family of jew ethnicity..’We never buy low, never sell high.. we always end up selling soon, never making enough profit’

2) Nirmala joshi, 1997, Mary Prema was elected to succeed  in 2009. Which organization?

3) silverbullet- beer brand..bottle- temperature.. indicator. Which brand?

4) ‘free from care’- latin. Which financial instrument

5 ) He designed clothes for this actor in “American Gigolo’. Which fashion designer?

6)  Rollys Royce- Number Plate-Au1. For which character?

7) He first appeared in the daily King Features comic strip Thimble Theatre on January 17, 1929. Which cartoon character?

8) 1869, banke de paris

9) which mag- global 2000..sales.. started in 2003

10) Which thinker and statistician- 5 year plan.. Founder of a great institution in this parts.

11) 2010 football world cup official time keeper

12) Peter Eigen founded this ngo-fights corruption

13) MBA from Stanford University, U.S. in 2001 and went on to work as an investment banker for Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. He also gained some development experience with the UN Economic Development Cell. He interned with the UN Economic Development Cell.

14) 17th century, electrical goods… based Pirus…

15) telecom austria- telephone booth- for what purpose

16) Anand kumar, did not have money to do a PHD in Mathematics from cambridge. What did he start?

17) 2010- ferari world theme park. Where?

18) poker site- Indian

19) rbs logo

20) badmash co. prod co?


Ans1: Rothschild

Ans2: Missionaries Of charity

Ans3: Coors

Ans4: Securities

Ans5: Giorgio Armani

Ans6: Goldfinger

Ans7: Popeye

Ans8: BNP Paribas

Ans9: forbes

Ans10: P C Mahalanobis

Ans11: Hublot

Ans12 : Transparency International

Ans13: Jyotiraditya Scindia


Ans15: EV recharging stations

Ans16: Super30

Ans17: Abu Dhabi

Ans18: Anurag Dikshit?

Ans19: Rbs logo

Ans20: Yash Raj Films Production

Tata Crucible Bhubaneswar Prelims Corporate 2010

Courtesy: Manasa Nayak




1. Who handed over first Maruti 800 car to Harpal Singh?

2. In mandarin, it is ke-ko-ke-le which means Happy Feelings in your mouth. What am I talking about?

3. What symbol is used in India for a non polluting and environmental friendly product during manufacturing and usage?

4. In the movie, Dil Se Srk Khan was working with which organisation?

5. This term was coined by Ben Hamersley which means “audible revolution” etc…..what am I talking about?

6. The name of the company comes from a biblical character, it means a container, it is something to do with travel accessories etc….what is it?

7. See the USA in your _________.

8. Which is the only state to have three stock exchanges?

9. Stamped coin in Sanskrit is a currency of a nation. What is this?

10. Kavita Choudhury acted in the DD serial UDAAN. She is famous in the advertising world as what?

11. Maurice Wilks & Spencer Wilks started something in 1947 etc…….

12. We can associate Elliot Handler, Bentley Bradley with this brand of toy, kids love it the most and demand for it from their parents. What is this?

13. A wax model of this commercial symbol was first to be placed in Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in 1994.it is the first ever commercial symbol to get a place in tussaud”s….

14. Carta blanca, eristoff vodka, greygoose…which bigger brand name is missing from the group?

15. Lumix Digital camera, viera plasma belongs to whom?

16. Minister Anand Sharma’s picture given and asked to identify

17. PNX is the ticker symbol of trading? This company is there in India now. Name the huge conglomerate?(Best question. stumped all..)

18. Fiama di wills logo was given and asked to identify.

19. I hate Love Story’s one of the producer is UTV, Which other production house produced it?

20. Amul advertisement was shown with the pic of P.Chidambaram with a bread n butter. As sweet as ______, is the taste of AMUL.The print ad was shown.

We missed out some easy questions like Dharma, Samsonite and yet again missed the dias. Kamal Rathi,my partner answered an audience question which was one of the difficult questions and got an audience quiz. I left after the first round of the finals, cause I was about to host a quiz at Confidence Factory at Rotary Club, Bhubaneswar by 5PM.Final questions to be collected and to be posted soon. When I left the hotel, XIMB was way ahead followed by Vizag Steel, Vodafone, IOC .Finally heard that XIMB won and Vizag Steel runners-up. Last time the XIMB professors were there in the finals but missed the bus. This time they were in full form. As Giri said beautifully, the quiz was a tribute to Teacher’s Day tomorrow.

NOTE:-The questions are not framed properly in a hurry.. Bye.. All the best.. Excuse me for this.

Ans1: Indira Gandhi

Ans2: Coca Cola

Ans3: Matka or a Pot

Ans4: AIR

Ans5: Podcast

Ans6: Samsonite

Ans7: Chevrolet

Ans8: Gujurat

Ans9: Taka

Ans10 : Lalitaji of surf

Ans11: Landrover

Ans12: Hotwheels

Ans13: Singapore Girl of Singapore airlines)

Ans14: Bacardi

Ans15: Panasonic

Ans17: POSCO

Ans19: Dharma Productions

Ans20: Budget

TBQ-Visuals-Sample #1

1) Identify.


2) Identify.


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Ans1: TRAI Chairman, Dr. J. S. Sarma

Ans2: Bill McDermott and Jim Hagemann Snabe, Co-CEOs of SAP

Tata Crucible Quiz Bangalore- Corporate 2010

Tata Crucible Bangalore- Corporate 2010

Tata External

Winners: Yahoo

Runner’s up HSBC

Other Teams on stage- IBM, Axis Risk Consulting, Wipro, Onmobile

Tata Internal Track

Winners: Tata Elxsi

All other teams on stage were from Titan

Cut offs- believed to be around 14


1)      In 2010 this personality over took Obama to become the 1st living person to have more than 10 million fans on facebook. Who?

2)      While teaching at which institution did Amartya Sen write the book ‘Collective choice & Social Welfare’ in 1970?

3) Brand name- 1st person singular of the present tense….to wind, to turn, ‘roll’, or to turn over the mind

4) Trip Hawkins graduated from Harvard…MBA Stanford.. company’s previous name ‘Amazing software’

5) We sell _________, not just ice-cream. Quote by Irv Robbins.

6) Victorinox  _________ Swiss Army Knife

Wenger _____________ Swiss Army Knife

7) Which company’s 1st ever toy sold was – Dr. Doodle?

8) To cleanse the Absolut bottle before Vodka is poured, what is used to rinse and clean? – ‘Completely pure and perfect’

9) Which US President once worked as a cover model for  Cosmopolitan?

10) MGM… 1st pic with sound- 1928 movie  ‘White shadows in the south seas’, had only one spoken word. Which one?

11) This brand was the sponsor of the Man of the Match in 2010 FIFA world cup. Which brand?

12) Which company was formed by the joint venture between Maini group & AEV LLC of California?

13) Which film shot in Karnataka …Music rights bought by Polydor for the first time in India..paid an advance royalty of 5 lakhs?

14) Which management theory on cost control… 1984 book..written as a novel..story revolved around Alex Rogo?

15) Which magazine was launched in 1952 with an aim of providing ‘the 1st serious effort in film journalism’ in India?

16) In 1959, invented a rubber substitute… anagram of ‘Expands’

17) Means ‘beautiful’, ‘good’, ‘Wonderful’ in Arabic…Telecom..which brand?

18) Emirates… ATM.. what so special

19) ‘difference create value’… on this plank ..launched a campaign .. ‘yourpointofview.com’

20) Merger- Jaina group + Bangalore based UTC group…. Brand is affordable to many..

21) Pic.. Shyamala Gopinath-Deputy governor of RBI

22) Pic- Vikram Akula

23) Logo of Costa Coffee

24) Name the 2 co’s that produced ‘My name is Khan.’

25) Logo of Narayana Hrudayalaya


Ans1: Lady Gaga
Ans2: Delhi school of Economics
Ans3: Volvo
Ans4: Electronic Arts
Ans5: Fun
Ans6: Victorinox – Original Swiss Army Knife
Wenger- Genuine Swiss Army Knife
Ans7: Fisher Price
Ans8: Absolut Vodka
Ans9: Gerald Ford
Ans10: Hello
Ans11: Budweiser
Ans12: Reva
Ans13: Sholay
Ans14:Theory of Constraints
Ans15: Filmfare
Ans16: Spandex
Ans17: Zain
Ans18 : Gold
Ans19: HSBC
Ans20: Carbon
Ans24: Red Chillies & Dharma

1) Brand name- 1st person singular of the present tense….to wind, to turn, ‘roll’, or to turn over the mind

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TBQ-Tata Crucible Quiz-AdWorld-Sample-1

Two visual from the world of advertisements. See if you can crack them.

1) Identify the advertiser.

Which brand?
Identify the brand.

2) Identify this personality.

Identify this creative genius.
Identify this creative genius.

Ans1: Sprite

Ans2: David Abbot of Abbott Mead Vickers (BBDO)

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