IIT Bombay- Business Quiz by V V Ramanan Finals

IIT Bombay- Business Quiz by V V Ramanan Finals

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1)      King County…Seattle, Washington

2)      1899, John P Soush…. Sousaphone…

3)      Protein Chemicals Ltd…Ajinomoto

4)      Subsidiary of this company…name from a cultivar in NewZealand.. In 2006 to avoid taxes…

5)     Edison..22 year old… Used the proceed …Menlo park.. a word in English

6)      1976…GujaratBased Engineering Firm.

7)      Contoso has gone Google, Contoso Traveller, Contosso Construction… Fictional companies used by?

8)      _________TV Theatre 1947-1958. Grace Kelly, Paul Newman…. Mclaren’s Imperial cheese…

9)      Room 1940s… Guiness book of world record for ‘Largest Copper roof’.. Which company’s headquarters?

10)  13.2 bn Net worth…Member of  Haryana Vidhan Sabha. Pic. Who?

11)   Shepton Dash, Fernville Lord Digby, Duke, Lament Pickle, Spud. What are these?

12)  Window of World, Museum inChina… have a miniature of all others, but for this it has an enlarged version. What?

13)  Acetate Tow, Estron…largest producer of PET Polymers..Which co.?

Audience: Logo of OPEC


1)  Boeing  2)WashingtonPost March 3)Hair 4)Braeburn Capital- Apple  5) Ticker Tape  6)Pioma Rasna |Voltas  7)Microsoft 8)Kraft        9)Lucent Tech 10)Savitri Jindal 11)Dulux Paint Dogs 12)Angry Birds 13)Eastman Chemical


Grid- 8 Pics- Connect

1)      Ratharsan Yoganathan… first two letters of founder’s name..Mobile operator

2)      Unique language style.. Acting president of a country for a day in 1996

3)      Chirag, AirIndia, Prayag, Essel group, Pailan group, HAL, Ashok Piramal grp. Identify the missing name.

4)     Lakesideclassics, by which publishing house?

5)     EverlandTheme Park. Which company?

6)      Amex, merchant fee, only their card, something similar to Boston Tea party. What

7)      Mycity Deal, UbuyIbuy, Qpod, Beeconomic… what?

8)      5 seater aircraft. NM5, NAl…built at Gippsland. Which company?

9)      5th July 2011, E bay Buyer Protection

Answers: 1)  Lebara.  1st clue AIS  2) Viktor Chernomydin-Gazprom . 2nd clue Pratibha Mahila Sahkari Bank 3) UB group ( I-League).  4)R R Donnelly. 4th clue ? 5) Samsung. 5th clue CSL group 6) BostonFee Party . 6th Clue White Knights 7) Companies acquired by Groupon. 7th Clue Zapata 8) Mahindra. 8th clue Ipon security 9) Google + invite. 9th Ce  Mediaset

Connect: AIS, Pratibha Mahila Sahkari Bank, Solidere, CSL group, White Knights, Zapata, Ipon security, Mediaset

Answers: Companies owned by PM/President/Head of States


1)      Excerpt … Merlin Mann Piece from 43 folders  is hidden text

2)      GI…battle in USA, France…adulteration, falsification

3)      1885, Professor Richard Ely…Otto Von Bismarck… Boats canal…Utterly insignificant

4)      Pics- hand signals…what’s special

5)      Musueum…Paintings of Rodin etc…named after wife – Museo Soumaya. Who?

6)     St.Croix Shop. What’s special?

7)      Concept designs…2007..collectibles…

8)      “Doodh Doodh Doodh Doodh…” song ..who was the music director?

9)     Berlin,Hamburg, Frankfurt, Peking,Tokyo, Johannesberg,Gander&Halifax

10)  Pic…come up with a slogan

File:Six Flags of Texas.jpg

11)  April 5, 1919..S S Loyalty…1st ship of Scindia..JourneyedUK..Narottam Morarjee & ?

12)  Checker Motor Corp… commonwealth Motors…Marking automobile…durability in heavy use..final models in 1982. What?

13)  Video… Who is Kevin Spacey playing?


1) I-con – Test used in Instapaper 2)Darjeeling Tea  3)George Pullman  4)Used in BSE  5)Carlos Slim Helu  6) Turtle Neck for Steve Jobs 7) Amero  8) Ranjit Barot 9) Lufthansa 10)  6 flags… 6 flags over Texas ..seal of Texas 11)Walchand Hirachand –HindustanShipping 12)American Taxi Cab 13)Jack Abramoff


Long Visual connect- 28 visuals


Some of the other clues were TatooshIsland, Palladium, Enigma , Pegasus, and Atlantis ….

Answer: Yachts owned by famous people

IIT Bombay- Business Quiz by V V Ramanan Prelims

IIT Bombay- Business Quiz by V V Ramanan –15th Oct 2011

Finals here

Winners: Govind Grewal/Souvik Basu

1) Video from a Marathi Movie. It was the 1st Movie to be shot inside this Mumbai landmark. Where?

2) Significance of this screenshot?

3) The previous logo was in the shape of a ring which was designed by the agency Contract India The reason why the company decided to go for the black and white colour combination was that the agency had sent a coloured logo but since the company had a black and white fax machine hence they received it in black and white and thought it to be selected by the agency The design and colours both were liked and approved and hence they had a black and white Logo. Which company?
4) Question on Flocert Certification body. Which certificate do they offer?
5) Data Storage company… Clents to many Fortune 500 companies.. Name its Security Division.
6) This GI Tag product- 21 co-op societies and 10 individuals can use. Which product?
7) Camille Gutt, Belgian Economist. First?
8) Qns was cancelled – Audio not great
9) The movie  was based on the book. Fill in the blank
10)Bar/Pub – First In India. Where?- ‘001’
11) “Success Breeds Complacency. Compacency Breeds failure.”  Next comes the name of the book. Which one?
12) DC Comics …A planet..refers to English professor, inspired Darwin and Wallace. Name it
13) Logos of foursquare, Chegg and other companies in which this person has invested in. Who?
14) AMD’s leaked roadmap for 2011. Name of two Indian rivers that merge at Tirumakudalu Narasipura. Name the two rivers. No part points.
15) Mobile based bar code system, for Wikipedia aritcles. What is it called?
16) 1876, Samuel Thall Cooper- “Satisfying human needs for comfort’. Which company?
17) RAone games. Which company has created it?
18) Indiaink- Which company is behind it?
19) Monroney Sticker of which car company is this?
20) Identify this Indian entrepreneur. The recent SMS ban has affected this man’s company for sure. 🙂
21) Asia Tiger funds in NYSE. Ticker symbol?
22) Audio: “Fastest groeing industry… Mobility..government should do something…”
23)      Dandayal Mehra – _______& Sona
24)  This law on Social Networks states that the amount of stuff that people share roughly doubles every year. Who is the law named after?
25) SAAB GT 750, 1958- “Clunk Click Every trip” What first?
26) Visuals Consummable products.. clues led to Brazil, Columbia, Kilimanzaro
27) David Pendlebury, is from a company that predicts Nobel winners. Which company?
28) Founded By Dinesh in Bangalore, Travel bags, Backpacks. Which company?
29) Mascots, only in Japan. Which company?
30) Ad


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1)      Bombay Stock exchange | Movie: Arjun 2)      Carol Bartz- Former yahoo CEO 3)      Shopper’s Stop 4)      Fairtrade 5)      RSA           6)      Kanchipuram Silk Sarees 7)      First IMF President 8)      Voice of Vinod Khosla  9)      Viagara  10)    Taj Mumbai- Harbour Bar       11)   Only the Paranoid Survive 12)   Malthus 13)   Ashton Kutcher 14)   Kaveri & Kabini 15)   QRpedia (No answer for QR codes)             16)   Jockey 17)   UTV Indiagames 18)   NewYork Times 19)   Chevrolet Volt 20)   Mukesh Batra 21)   Grr  22)   Sunil Mittal 23)   Rupa Books 24)   Mark Zuckerberg 25)   Safety Belts 26)   Product : Coffee | Brand: Bru  27)   Thomson Reuters 28)   WildCraft  29)   Pepsi     30)   Tide


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