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We at The Business Quiz (TBQ) provide you with the best of business quiz questions.


Content research & development for quiz events- online and offline. We are the one-stop shop not just for your company’s internal quiz show, but even for some of India’s best quizzing events.


No waiting period. Instant gratification!

TBQ Classic Archives –Set of 300 quizzes (each quiz with 10 questions, ie. 3000 questions)- Rs. 7000/-

Mail us at mailATthebusinessquizDOTcom for payment options.

Or call us at +91 99722 nine nine eight three 3 or +91 97699 nine one nine 82

And wondering who we are? Two quizzers stuck in the mundane corporate life. We won Tata Crucible Nationals – Campus in ’07. And were National Runners Up in BT Acumen in ’06. And more. A lot more. No kidding.

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  1. Wishing you all the best..

    But I wonder how 2 corporates dont even have a domain name and are hosting on WordPress!

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