TBQ-Tata Sample#7

1) The Pepsi project began in India in 1985 when Pepsi-Cola International submitted a proposal to the Indian government, which immediately rejected it. Pepsi then joined with a state-run company, Agro-Industries Corp., and the privately owned Tata Group. What was the name that was decided earlier for Lehar Pepsi?

Ans1: Pepsi Era
Extra: It was changed because Era wasn’t considered sufficiently “Indian.” The action cost Pepsi $150,000 in bottle fees.

2) Identify this brand. Absolute sitter.


Ans2: Moti Soap

3)The event was started in 1996 with Gold Flake as the title sponsor and in 2002 the Tatas became the title sponsor. Later,during the 2005-2009 period TN Govt. sponsored the event. Now, Aircel is the title sponsor. Which once coveted Tata ‘property’ is being discussed here?

Ans3: Tata Open, now Aircel Open

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