Tata Crucible Kolkata Corporate 2010 Prelims

Tata Crucible Kolkata Corporate 2010

Winners: Telegraph

Runner Up-CTS

Other teams- Salwa resources, West Bengal state electricity, ITC, HSBC

Tata Internal

Winners: MetalJunction

Q’s will be updated soon

1) family of jew ethnicity..’We never buy low, never sell high.. we always end up selling soon, never making enough profit’

2) Nirmala joshi, 1997, Mary Prema was elected to succeed  in 2009. Which organization?

3) silverbullet- beer brand..bottle- temperature.. indicator. Which brand?

4) ‘free from care’- latin. Which financial instrument

5 ) He designed clothes for this actor in “American Gigolo’. Which fashion designer?

6)  Rollys Royce- Number Plate-Au1. For which character?

7) He first appeared in the daily King Features comic strip Thimble Theatre on January 17, 1929. Which cartoon character?

8) 1869, banke de paris

9) which mag- global 2000..sales.. started in 2003

10) Which thinker and statistician- 5 year plan.. Founder of a great institution in this parts.

11) 2010 football world cup official time keeper

12) Peter Eigen founded this ngo-fights corruption

13) MBA from Stanford University, U.S. in 2001 and went on to work as an investment banker for Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. He also gained some development experience with the UN Economic Development Cell. He interned with the UN Economic Development Cell.

14) 17th century, electrical goods… based Pirus…

15) telecom austria- telephone booth- for what purpose

16) Anand kumar, did not have money to do a PHD in Mathematics from cambridge. What did he start?

17) 2010- ferari world theme park. Where?

18) poker site- Indian

19) rbs logo

20) badmash co. prod co?


Ans1: Rothschild

Ans2: Missionaries Of charity

Ans3: Coors

Ans4: Securities

Ans5: Giorgio Armani

Ans6: Goldfinger

Ans7: Popeye

Ans8: BNP Paribas

Ans9: forbes

Ans10: P C Mahalanobis

Ans11: Hublot

Ans12 : Transparency International

Ans13: Jyotiraditya Scindia


Ans15: EV recharging stations

Ans16: Super30

Ans17: Abu Dhabi

Ans18: Anurag Dikshit?

Ans19: Rbs logo

Ans20: Yash Raj Films Production

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