Tata Crucible 2012 Corporate Coimbatore Prelims

Tata Crucible 2012 Corporate Coimbatore Prelims

Courtesy: Sethu Madhavan

Miles Young replaced Shely Lazarus as Chairman of which Ad Agency


Whose Consumer Connect Program is called Amazing Anjali?


The Rockefeller lifetime Achievement Award for 2012 has been given to which Indian

Ratan Tata

Who has been appointed Chairman of the US India Business Council?

  1. Azim Premji
  2. Vinita Bali
  3. C.      Ajay Banga


Simpsons Visual ID the real life Business Personality

Hugh Hefner


Who was the Managing director of NSE who had passed away recently?

RH Patel


The Most powerful Supercomputer in the world manufactured by IBM



1996 This business man turned Prime Minister’s GSM services had the maximum subscriber base in his country who?

Takshin Shinawatra


What was founded by Grandhi Mallikarjun Rao?



Visual of Lillian Bettencourt: L’Oreal


Who is behind Ausbridge, Kriya FMCG, and Chess Management Services?

Karthik Chidambaram


In 1953 this Indian Businessman gave 40,000 rs to R C Majumder to invest in publishing books since he was passionate about reading. Who?

G D Birla


If Saffron is the most expensive spice which is the second most expensive?



NDTV has tied up with which Global brand for Support my School Initiative

Coca Cola

Print Ad of RMKV Saree. Jothika

In 1730 a future contract for which commodity had been laid out at the Dojima Exchange



It is Latin for Folded paper. It usually given either folded or rolled. what?



Armand Kosman and Franz Weis founded this Co and named it after Daniel’s surname. They are into glass cutting.



Which Retail outlet gives you blue light specials? Highlighting important products and offers.

K Mart


Visual Autobiography of Steve Jobs


It comes from the Latin verb Mittire meaning “To Send”. Nations spend a huge amount of money to manufacture these.

Clue: Gandhi would be happy if they stop producing these



It was initially manufactured by the British drug house to cure bed sores it was later acquired by glaxo in 1968.



What in India is owned by the Mendoza Family?

Clue: Eye Care

Lawrence and Mayo


World’s most Powerful Mom?

Hillary Clinton


Mastek Logo



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