Tata Crucible Corporate Coimbatore 2012 – Finals

Tata Crucible Corporate Coimbatore 2012 – Finals

Courtesy: Sethu Madhavan


Who gave Lance Armstrong his first contract?



Eva Air, A Taiwanese Air Company has come up with themed aircrafts based on which character.

Hello Kitty


Visuals – landmark Founder – Tata Group

From whom did Adidas buy its 3 stripes logo?


Visual – Lavanya Nalli

What kind of product is Flavouritz from Tata Chemicals?



Harry Beck is known for his circuit diagrams. What did he do in 1931 that is still in existence and is used even today?

London underground map (London Tube)


Connect – Pernord Ricard Logo – Dupont Logo – Visual of Founder – Pic of Universal Studio (Not sure)?



Connect – Heineken Founder – UEFA?


Anjali Tendulkar and Arti Sehwag have stake in which Chennai based venture?

Sports Mechanix – Kris Srikanth

Air Baltics – Seat Buddy – June 2012?

Book flight Seats based on seeing who is your neighbour – Air networking – FB

Connect on NYSE – Broad Street etc…?


Who has launched Internet TV channel named Yuva?



Andre Cassagnes designed it with a Joystick and called it telecran and later it was perfected by the Ohio Art company

Etch A Sketch


Connect on Davidoff – Founder – Coty—etc.

“Yoyodine” – who owns?

Seth Godin


“Kavach” for Truck drivers by the Tata rural development Corp



UEFA 2004 euro championship cup Mascot Creator?

Warner Bros


Pilani Soft Labs – Boss and Seat Seller?

Red Bus


Semtex Girls / Raising Malawi / Truth or Dare


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