Tata Crucible Quiz Bangalore- Corporate 2010

Tata Crucible Bangalore- Corporate 2010

Tata External

Winners: Yahoo

Runner’s up HSBC

Other Teams on stage- IBM, Axis Risk Consulting, Wipro, Onmobile

Tata Internal Track

Winners: Tata Elxsi

All other teams on stage were from Titan

Cut offs- believed to be around 14


1)      In 2010 this personality over took Obama to become the 1st living person to have more than 10 million fans on facebook. Who?

2)      While teaching at which institution did Amartya Sen write the book ‘Collective choice & Social Welfare’ in 1970?

3) Brand name- 1st person singular of the present tense….to wind, to turn, ‘roll’, or to turn over the mind

4) Trip Hawkins graduated from Harvard…MBA Stanford.. company’s previous name ‘Amazing software’

5) We sell _________, not just ice-cream. Quote by Irv Robbins.

6) Victorinox  _________ Swiss Army Knife

Wenger _____________ Swiss Army Knife

7) Which company’s 1st ever toy sold was – Dr. Doodle?

8) To cleanse the Absolut bottle before Vodka is poured, what is used to rinse and clean? – ‘Completely pure and perfect’

9) Which US President once worked as a cover model for  Cosmopolitan?

10) MGM… 1st pic with sound- 1928 movie  ‘White shadows in the south seas’, had only one spoken word. Which one?

11) This brand was the sponsor of the Man of the Match in 2010 FIFA world cup. Which brand?

12) Which company was formed by the joint venture between Maini group & AEV LLC of California?

13) Which film shot in Karnataka …Music rights bought by Polydor for the first time in India..paid an advance royalty of 5 lakhs?

14) Which management theory on cost control… 1984 book..written as a novel..story revolved around Alex Rogo?

15) Which magazine was launched in 1952 with an aim of providing ‘the 1st serious effort in film journalism’ in India?

16) In 1959, invented a rubber substitute… anagram of ‘Expands’

17) Means ‘beautiful’, ‘good’, ‘Wonderful’ in Arabic…Telecom..which brand?

18) Emirates… ATM.. what so special

19) ‘difference create value’… on this plank ..launched a campaign .. ‘yourpointofview.com’

20) Merger- Jaina group + Bangalore based UTC group…. Brand is affordable to many..

21) Pic.. Shyamala Gopinath-Deputy governor of RBI

22) Pic- Vikram Akula

23) Logo of Costa Coffee

24) Name the 2 co’s that produced ‘My name is Khan.’

25) Logo of Narayana Hrudayalaya


Ans1: Lady Gaga
Ans2: Delhi school of Economics
Ans3: Volvo
Ans4: Electronic Arts
Ans5: Fun
Ans6: Victorinox – Original Swiss Army Knife
Wenger- Genuine Swiss Army Knife
Ans7: Fisher Price
Ans8: Absolut Vodka
Ans9: Gerald Ford
Ans10: Hello
Ans11: Budweiser
Ans12: Reva
Ans13: Sholay
Ans14:Theory of Constraints
Ans15: Filmfare
Ans16: Spandex
Ans17: Zain
Ans18 : Gold
Ans19: HSBC
Ans20: Carbon
Ans24: Red Chillies & Dharma

1) Brand name- 1st person singular of the present tense….to wind, to turn, ‘roll’, or to turn over the mind

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