Biz/Infra Quiz 1 Questions- Samvit School of Infrastructure Business

Samvit School of Infrastructure Business

Building Blocks-Quiz-1

1) On 8th November, 1908, Sir Louis Dane wrote a note indicating that Suni and Badu gorges were favourable sites for a new project. Though a detailed report was submitted in March 1910, the project took off much later-post independence. What did Sir Louis Dane propose?

Ans1: Bhakra Nangal Dam

2) On his return to Scotland in 1783, John purchased an estate at Sauchrie, Ayrshire, and started experimenting with a new method of road construction. When he was appointed surveyor to the Bristol Turnpike Trust in 1816 he remade the roads under his control with crushed stone bound with gravel on a firm base of large stones. A camber, making the road slightly convex, ensured the rainwater rapidly drained off the road and did not penetrate the foundations. Who was he and what did he invent?

Ans2: John MacAdam , the man behind MacAdam Roads

3) If you go in search of Selangor Turf Club in its original site, what would you find today?

Ans3: Petronas Towers

4) They went to the same school and then joined the same company: F L Smith and Co. The company sent one of them in 1933-1934 to India to set up a cement factory in Coimbatore. The other guy joined in 1935. They set up a cement factory which later went on to be part of ACC. These men formed a partnership in 1938 and started importing and later manufacturing dairy equipments. What began thus? And who were these gentlemen?

Ans4: Holck-Larsen and Soren K Toubro or L&T

5) What was founded by A S Bhathena in 1966 as Wanson India Ltd?

Ans5: Thermax

6) This community migrated from Rajasthan to Saurashtra in early 7th century AD and would have probably contributed the most to India’s railway infrastructure development. They were pioneers in the laying and construction of line and bridges for the railways in hundreds of projects. Name the community?

Ans6: KGK- Kutch Gurjar Kashtriya

7) Unscramble this to come up with a name of the current head of a company, son-in-law of the founder.


Ans7: Kushal Pal Singh

8) Connect these images.

Ans8: Willington

1) Lord Willington- former Viceroy and Governor-General of India.

2) Cochin Port Trust -Logo-

Willington Island was created from material dredged from the formation of Cochin Port.

It was named after him.

3) The Willingdon Sports Club- founded by him

4) Scene from Tintin in Tibet

The scene happens at Willington Airfield (later known AS Safdarjung Airport)-this is mentioned in the strip.

9) Connect these images to a major infrastructure project.

Ans9: Mumbai-Pune expressway

1) Pula- PL Deshpande, Author. Mumbai -Pune Expressway was earlier to be named after him.

2) It is named after YB Chavan

3) MSRDC -runs the expressway

4) Konkan Railway built the tunnels on the expressway

10) Connect these images to a company.

1) Logo of Indus Towers

2) Pasupati Seal from Indus Valley Civilization

3) Constellation Indus: Indus, an Indian holding a spear and arrows

4) Bharti owns 42% of the venture, 42% with Vodafone-Essar and the rest with Idea (Aditya Birla)

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