Biz/Infra Quiz 2 Questions- Samvit School of Infrastructure Business

Samvit School of Infrastructure Business

Building Blocks-Quiz 2

1) Identify the brand and the company. Clue: Talk about diversification!

Ans1: Sobha Restoplus Mattress

Original Ad:

2) Connect.

Ans2: Krupp (or Thyssen Krupp)

Images: Krupp’s logo

ChryslerBuildingwas built using steel from Krupp

Big Bertha howitzer named after Bertha Krupp, manufactured by Krupp

Iran’s coat of arms-Iranonce owned over 25% stake in Krupp

3) Connect

Ans3: DP World

Images: UAE flag and reef knot are the constituents of DP World logo

DP World owns P&O, whose flag is shown.  Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem is the Chairman of DP World.

4) During war-time, we see army vehicles from across the country being taken on trains to border areas. How do we better know this hitchhiking?

Ans4: RORO – Roll On Roll Off

5) Connect

Ans5: Dum Dum airport

Sir William Boog Leishman- who identified the causative parasite of Dumdum fever, now known as Leishmaniasis/Kaala Azar. This fever is named after the place, Dumdum.

DumDumAirportis now named after Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

Dumdum bullets, named after the place.

6) The year was 1919. She sat listening to her husband (Pic) about how his new venture needed money to make payments and explore newer areas in business. The little she could do was to offer her wedding ring. She did and he reluctantly accepted the offer. Her husband used the ring and that was a small beginning, as they say. Identify this couple in a Bollywood-ish incident. Also, name the company.

Ans: Erle and Vida Halliburtons| Halliburton

7) Connect


Ans: BrooklynBridge

Emily Roebling (pic), along with her husband Washington, took over building theBrooklynBridgeafter the death ofWashington’s dad,  John A. Roebling (image on stamp). The last image describes- Panic stricken people on theBrooklynBridge, May 30, 1883.

Ken Burns directed an Oscar nominated documentary on the bridge.

8) Connect

Ans: Ajinomoto Stadium

Tokyo Verdy and FC Tokyo are based out of Ajinomoto Stadium. The painting depicts a Japanese Tsunami. The stadium is being used as a refugee camp now. Dr. Kikunae Ikeda is the man behind the company, Ajinomoto.

9) A QuarrellingLotDead.

Unscramble to get an expensive shape.

Ans: Golden Quadrilateral

10) Connect

Ans:Grand Trunk Road

Images: Chandragupta Maurya- initiated the work.

Sher Shah Suri-carried on the work.

Kipling’s Kim is set on this road. The road is from Chittagong to Kabul. Poster is of Kabuliwala.

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