Biz/Infra Quiz 3 Questions- Samvit School of Infrastructure Business

Samvit School of Infrastructure Business

Building Blocks-Quiz 3

 Q1) Lutyens wanted the full courtyard of Rashtrapathi Bhavan to be seen from Vijay Chowk. Viceory Lord Hardinge, along with another architect, who was working with Lutyens, dismissed this as an expensive idea. The friendship between the architects ended thus. How do we know this battle?

Ans: Bakerloo or Battle of the Gradient

Q2) Connect.


Ans: Aswan Dam

a) Aswan Dam-

b) Gamal Abdel Nasser Hussein-president of Egypt after whom the reservoir of the dam “Lake Nasser” is named.

c) High Dam Burg Memorial Wall, Aswan, Egypt

d) Logo of Arab Contractors Company which was involved in the construction of the dam

Q3) Connect these images to a material.


Ans: Maraging Steel

Pic1- Adolf Martens
Pc-2 PSLV rocket- it uses this steel
Pic3- fencing blades- uses this steel
Pic 4: Used in golf club heads

Q4) This celebrated Indian author’s father-in-law played a major role in building Delhi. Along with the author’s father and others who were contractors, the father-in-law amassed a lot of wealth from this project. Name the author.

Ans: Khushwant Singh
Father: Sobha Singh
FIL: Sardar Bahadur Teja Singh Malik, Chief Engineer of CPWD

5) Claim to fame?

Brazil has smashed Chile’s record by completing the world’s largest Lego tower.
The tower erected at a Sao Paulo shopping center — reaches a height of 102 feet and 3 inches, breaks the previous record set in Santiago by 25 centimeters (9.84 inches).



Ans: Autobahn

Pic1- Hitler shoveling the earth for the ceremonial groundbreaking, his entourage of top Nazi leaders looking on. Dr. Todt grins behind him.

Pic2- For his work on the autobahnen, Hitler awarded Todt with the German National Prize for Art and Science. The award was a replacement for Nobel Prize which Hitler forbade Germans from accepting in 1936

Pic3- Alfred Nobel

Pic4- The First Reich Autobahn (RAB), From Frankfurt am Main to Darmstadt ( photographed in 1935)

7) It’s called Vembanad. This has put Nehru in the back seat. What?

Ans: Vembanad- India’s longest railway bridge (8.86km), inaugurated recently.
Till recently, Nehru Sethu over River Son (3.065 kms) was the longest rail bridge in the country.

8) This mining town and the PSU that operates out of the town are named after an animal, its face to be specific. Though the said animal is nowhere present in the area, the area is rich and is known for a lot of other species. Name the town.

Ans: Kudremukh

9) Identify


Ans: Kiran Grandhi- GMR

10) But laid in two years, O! man.

Make a 7 word  phrase

Rome Was not built in a day

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