Biz/Infra Quiz 4 Questions- Samvit School of Infrastructure Business

Samvit School of Infrastructure Business

Building Blocks-Quiz 4

1) Had you been to Ankleshwar in the late ’80s, you would have met a gentleman running a textile sizing unit, under the name Sulzer. Which businessman’s early story would you connect this to?

Ans: Tulsi Tanti
The Suzlon Group commenced its operations in the year 1987 when Sulzer Synthetics Pvt. Limited set up a sizing unit in Ankleshwar.

2) A question on a common observation.
While travelling on trains, you would have seen a yellow board that says W or W/L. What do they stand for? Clue: No, Waitlist is not an acceptable answer.

Ans: Whistle/Level Cross(ahead) or Whistle
The train whistles after the driver sees this signal.

3) How was the company, popularly known as the Extension in the late 1800s, known officially as?
Clue is within the question.

Ans: EasternExtension,ChinaandAustralasiaTelegraph Company

4) What in Lucknow was built by a company that traces its roots to the gentleman in this picture?

‘Ans: Lohe Ka Pul
Pic: William Jessop of Jessop & Co.

5) This company started selling something at Re 1 in 1899 inCalcutta. The price of this ‘commodity’ inLondonwas also something similar during this time period. What was thus sold to the people ofCalcutta?

Ans: Electricity, Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation Limited






6) Connect these images








Krishnapatnam is a port town in Muthukur Mandal of Nellore District, the southernmost coastal district in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. The history says that Vijayanagar Emperor, Sri Krishnadevaraya operated this port, hence the port was named as Krishnapatnam Port. The port operated small boats through BuckinghamCanal, which runs behind the port and was used as a waterway for transportation between Chennai in the south andKrishna river delta in the north. Later in 1960’s iron ore was exported by wooden boats from this port and in early 1980’s Government of India declared this port as a minor port.

Krishnapatnam Port logo and Navayuga Engineering Company’s Logo (They own the port)

7) Identify this building. Clue: It’s inIndia









8) Which Chennai based institution was formed as per the recommendations of the report shown in the image below?












9) Connect these two personalities. The former saved the latter.









Ans: The Bailey bridge is a portable pre-fabricated truss bridge. It is named after Donald Bailey. Army built a Bailey Bridge after a CWG bridge collapsed.

10) What built in the Pir Panjal range by a Alfred Kunz and C Barsel  between 1954 and 1960, was lauded as an infrastructural marvel?

Ans: Jawahar Tunnel

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