TBQ Classic Sample #7

1) A mill engineer without equal in the late 19th and early 20th century, Stuart W. Cramer was responsible for the design of 150 mills -nearly one-third of the textile mills built in the South during that period. Cramer graduated as a naval
engineer from the US Naval Academy at Annapolis.   At age 20 in 1888, fresh from that program, he elected to study mining engineering at Columbia in New York City.  He was appointed chief assayer at the United States Mint in Charlotte, where he worked for four years analyzing gold and silver ores. After serving a two-year apprenticeship with D A Tompkins, Cramer formed his own company in the mid-1890s and began designing and building cotton textile mills.

Working with D.A. Tompkins and the Westinghouse Electric Company, he joined with James B. Duke of the famous tobacco family to establish Duke Power Company. His crowning achievement was the affiliation with the Mayes Manufacturing Company in Gaston County along the south fork of the Catawba River. Eventually, he bought a controlling interest and began putting his unique stamp on the mill and the mill village, which later became known as Cramerton and Cramerton Mills.


This gentleman is credited with a term- something that’s a household term now. What?


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Ans: Air-conditioning

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