TBQ Classic Sample #4

1) In late 19th century Bombay, the mill workers were men whose families stayed back in their villages. To begin with, employers accommodated these workers in specially constructed accomodations near the mills. Modelled after army barracks, each building had three floors. Every floor contained rooms, each given over to one person, and a common toilet.  With the rapid increase in the number of mills, the rooms were often occupied by several people. Eventually, families of workers began to migrate to Bombay, and each room in such a building would have to accommodate the whole family. What were these buildings called?
Ans: Chawl
2) Malana, a tiny, mysterious village in Himachal Pradesh, supposedly inhabited by descendants of Alexander’s army,produces Malana Cream- the world’s best of its kind. What?
Ans: Hashish

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